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Do cardio and resistance training

Doing cardio is an excellent way to burn fat around your belly. Research shows that cardio and resistance training strengthen your midsection while reducing your waist. It is recommended to do 300 minutes of cardio every week. This translates to about 30 minutes of exercise every day.

 A calorie-deficit diet decreases your muscle and can be detrimental and damaging to your metabolic rate. Doing resistance training prevents the loss of muscle and helps to increase your muscle mass.

Moreover, it strengthens your midsection, while reducing your waist’s circumference.

In short, combining cardio with resistance training can effectively flatten your stomach.Do cardio and resistance training

Use a neutral background

The background is very important when you are shooting for food photography. If the background is too messy or colorful, the viewers will focus on that instead of food. Use a fairly neutral background as it allows you to place maximum emphasis on the food in the scene.

A neutral background does not mean that you have to have a complete black or white background. It means that the background should complement the subject rather than suppress it. Light backgrounds, dark backgrounds, and wooden backgrounds work best for food.

Use a neutral background

Help Her Clean

Women adore men who like to share responsibilities. If she’s deep cleaning the house on the weekend, offer to assist her. She’ll be surprised to hear it from you. Do the manly work she wants you to do like lifting furniture, moving things, organizing stuff, and vacuuming. Make cleaning fun and don’t forget to look hot!

Keep it Casual

The golden rule of texting guys is avoiding serious conversations. Serious conversations are boring and turn guys off. Logical and serious texts put a lot of pressure on the guy. Keep the chat casual and easy-going.

If the guy feels relaxed talking to you, he is much more likely to fall for you. Positive emotions are created by casual vibes, increasing attraction. If you are having a good time it is for sure that the vibes will also be passed onto him. So keep things casual, and enjoy the chat!

Don’t hold it in

A lot of people have a tendency to put off bowel movements when they’re not at home. They would much rather wait until they are home so they can use a familiar, comfortable place to relieve themselves. However, when stool spends a lot of time in the colon, it becomes hard.

It’s highly recommended that you attend to your body’s call when it tells you that it’s ready to evacuate. Promptly acting on bowel movements will help keep the stool softer.

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