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Participate in the class

Whether it is taking notes or answering a teacher’s question, engaging and participating actively in the classroom discussion can help you avoid falling asleep in the classroom. However, you have to concentrate on the lecture and occupy your brain a little bit.

I usually take notes when I feel sleepy. Sometimes, I go with writing comments and sometimes questions. Often, we don’t understand a certain fact or a theory in the lecture. So, be the student who is aware of what’s happening and raise a hand to ask questions from the teacher.Participate in the class

Keep an eye on the task progress bar

Faking tasks is something that pretty much every decent player knows how to do now. There's nothing particularly difficult about that. However, what most people don't do is keep an eye on the task progress bar while they fake a task. If you're faking tasks in close proximity to a crewmate, they might be watching you. If you step away from a task without the taskbar filling up, they will become suspicious of you. Wait for someone else to do a task. As soon as the progress bar goes up, leave the area. This will minimize the chances of your fake task being caught.

Bore yourself

Start coloring, knitting, listen to calm music or read books (not on your phone). Count to 100 or solve basic math problems. Occupy yourself until you are bored enough to make you feel sleepy again.

Bore yourself

However, refrain from eating. Eating is a way to energize your body. Also, it’s not a good idea to make your brain think that it’s okay to wake up in the middle of the night and raid the fridge.

Financial sacrifices

Paying off debt quickly comes with its share of financial sacrifices. If you’re living in a 3-bedroom apartment, rent one of those out. Imagine the kind of money you’ll be able to collect for paying off your student loan.

Financial sacrifices

Are you dining at a fancy restaurant frequently? Consider cooking a wholesome meal at home. A little bit of healthcare, and a whole lot of cash saved. Bit by bit, with these sacrifices, you could put up a significant amount towards clearing your student loan dues.

Spread Happiness

The reason for a compliment does not have to be something extraordinary. Compliments can spread happiness and joy. If a compliment can spread a smile on your co-worker’s or a stranger’s face, then why not? Tell your co-worker that you like to be around her and a stranger; how beautiful their children are. These small compliments don’t cost you anything but they can make their day.

Clean out unused clothes

Decluttering can be both physically and emotionally draining. It’s best to face decluttering with a simple rule: if you haven’t used it in the past three months, then donate it. We are all guilty of holding on to clothing that we might use one day in the distant future. Instead of hiding it at the back of your closet, you can put those clothes to good use by donating them to shelters and charities that will make sure the items go to people in need.

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