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Determine Whether You Actually Need One

Before you start creating a bylaw for your business, it's important to know whether you really need bylaws and what purpose they'll serve for you and your organization. A lot of companies only need bylaws for their board members to declare the power of board members as opposed to other executives of the company. For other organizations, you might need bylaws for your entire organization. Think about what your bylaw will actually do. There's a chance that you might not need bylaws altogether.

Remove unused apps

Unused apps are a big-time storage occupier and linger on for months without you even realizing. If you have unused games, they’re going to take up even more storage.

Remove unused apps

If you don’t plan on using the app or game for the foreseeable future, delete them.

If you feel you might use the app again – offload the app. Offloading an app means that you’ll still see the app on your home screen, but you’ll need to tap on it and reinstall it before you can use it.

If you want to automate the offloading process, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Offload Unused Apps and enable it.


If you go to a networking event that is about insurance, you will probably see a lot of insurance agents trying to sell policies. If you want to avoid the competition white networking and prospecting, you should pick the networking event carefully. Think of how you are going to pitch with a few sentences. Keep your business cards ready and while others are loading their plates at the networking event how you are going to prospect. Make sure to use creativity and smile when talking to prospects.


Use a Spackle and Putty Knife

Walls go through a lot to reach the aesthetics we want at our home. Million holes are drilled to put up pictures, decorations etc. But these holes can be repaired too. All you need spackle and a putty knife. First scrape off any dirt from the wall, then put the right amount of spackle according to the size of your hole onto the putty knife. Apply that into the hole. Let the wall dry for 4-5 hours and apply more layers if want better results. Use a putty knife to even out the surface when it dries!

Keep your knees high

Keep a low, relaxed stance for all skateboarding tricks because it gives you the ability to immediately adjust your balance in any situation. Skateboarding is hard so don’t expect to be good right away. Be determined and practice, you will learn soon.

Load up on H2O

When people feel excessively tired, they tend to run down to the nearest coffee shop. Instead, a glass of water could be more helpful. Not staying sufficiently hydrated can floor your energy levels and make you feel fatigued.

If you’re too bored with water’s taste (yes, that’s possible), you can also hydrate with wet foods like soups or yogurt. 

Load up on H2O

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