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All the way to Deptford

While going from Harman to Deptford I suggest you first of all pay a visit to Gold's Gym to get the pulse up!. Then stop at Holiday Inn Express for a night!

Give it a spin. See what you think.

Gold's Gym
Atwell Avenue, Winchester, VA 222601
Holiday Inn Express
11200 York Road, Cockeysville, MD 21030
NJ 08096
The best route to Deptford from Harman


Although all kinds of nuts are loaded with essential nutrients and fight metabolic diseases, almonds have the highest amount of calcium. Almonds can be eaten in so many ways and easily included in our meals. Some tasty options are consuming almond butter, eating raw almonds, adding almonds to smoothies and making almond cookies and cakes.


These were my stops to Mount Juliet from Cusseta

When going to Mount Juliet from Cusseta first hit Hokes Bluff Swimming Pool. It's good! After that visit Walmart Supercenter for getting yourself some small treats :-).

Bremen Bypass, Bremen, GA 30110-2504
Hokes Bluff Swimming Pool
Keener Drive, Hokes Bluff, AL 35903
Walmart Supercenter
2675 Decherd Boulevard, Winchester, TN 37398
Mount Juliet
The best route to Mount Juliet from Cusseta

A nice way to Colleyville from Oak Ridge North

When driving to Colleyville from Oak Ridge North I suggest first of all look in on Starbucks to fill up with some energy! Secondly pay a visit to (28) Pony Rides. It's great. Then hit Franklin Center for picking up a few things!

Oak Ridge North
101 I-45 South, Huntsville, TX 77340
(28) Pony Rides
Dry Creek Trail, Elm Mott, TX
Franklin Center
South 32nd Street, Waco, TX 76710
The best route to Colleyville from Oak Ridge North

Let me suggest this!

While driving from Quincy to Cushing I suggest you make a stop at Wakefield City Pool for swimming!

Wakefield City Pool
2nd Street, Wakefield, KS
The best route to Cushing from Quincy

To Bath from Metamora

Driving to Bath from Metamora first pay a visit to El Hacienda for a bite! Finally hit Monticello Community Pool, it is a nice stop.

IN 47030
El Hacienda
East County Road 900 South, Cloverdale, IN 46120
Monticello Community Pool
West Washington Street, Monticello, IL 61856
The best route to Bath from Metamora

Get Over with It

It's hard to dump someone just like that and we know that. It’s not an easy decision and just the thought of it stresses you out. But, think for a moment: aren’t you prolonging the inevitable? There is no point in holding on to someone who should have been dumped a long time ago. If you have finally made up your mind and built up the courage to get rid of them for good, do it. 

A nicer way from Chunky to Marie

Going from Chunky to Marie visit President's Inn for a pause.

Vote up if you like it!

President's Inn
East Washington Street, Kosciusko, MS 39090
Tesla Supercharger
Frontage Road, Grenada, MS 38902
The best route to Marie from Chunky

These were my stops going to Vernon Center

While going to Vernon Center from Ulysses I suggest look in on Siebens Fieldhouse for some sweating!

Saint Augustine's Street, Thurston County, NE 69071
Siebens Fieldhouse
610 West 4th Street, Storm Lake, IA 50588
Vernon Center
The best route to Vernon Center from Ulysses

From Welch to Heath with a stop for some ice cream

Last time I drove from Welch to Heath this was the way I went.

WV 24801
MacCorkle Avenue Southwest, South Charleston, WV 25303
River Park Pool
Community Drive, Athens, OH 45701
The best route to Heath from Welch

A nice trip from Shonto to Lake George

Driving from Shonto to Lake George I suggest you first visit Sonic for a tasty meal! After that stop by Alpine Ranger Station, it is worth it.

436 South Broadway, Cortez, CO 81321
Alpine Ranger Station
Alpine Trail 225, Gunnison County, CO
Lake George
The best route to Lake George from Shonto

A good way to Hamburg

While going from Mooreland to Hamburg I suggest stop at Arthur Community Pool for a bath in in the pool!

Tesla Supercharger
Main Street, Royalton, IN 46077
Oakland United Methodist Church
East Washington Street, Oakland, IL 61943
Arthur Community Pool
South Spruce Street, Arthur, IL 61911
The best route to Hamburg from Mooreland

To Arlington from Hope

Going from Hope to Arlington I suggest first make a stop at Breadeaux Pizza for a nice meal. Next look in on Creston Family Restaurant for a great dinner! Lastly visit Burger King to grab a bite!

I welcome feedback!

Breadeaux Pizza
110 West 8th Street, Horton, KS 66439
Creston Family Restaurant
West Taylor Street, Creston, IA 50801
Burger King
1st Avenue East, Newton, IA 50208
IA 50606
The best route to Arlington from Hope

A nice way to Pollard from Stonewall

Ok!, Going from Stonewall to Pollard make sure to first of all visit Golden Lion Stadium, it is good! Next make a stop at HPER Center for a nice experience.

LA 71078
Tesla Supercharger
Southern Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71104
Golden Lion Stadium
Oliver Road, Pine Bluff, AR 71601
HPER Center
South 7th Street, Heber Springs, AR 72543
The best route to Pollard from Stonewall

From Murdo to Euclid with some some food added

While going to Euclid from Murdo this is my preferred way: first stop at Hardee's for something handy to eat. Next stop by Subway for a quick bite!

SD 57559
6th Avenue Southwest, Aberdeen, SD 57401
2020 8th Avenue Northeast, Aberdeen, SD 57401
MN 56722
The best route to Euclid from Murdo

A nice trip from Meigs to Spindale

When driving to Spindale from Meigs I suggest you stop at Edgey's for some tasty gelato.

South Warren Street, Monticello, GA
NC 28160
The best route to Spindale from Meigs

A nice route from Millington to Fultondale

While going from Millington to Fultondale I suggest stop by Piggly Wiggly for picking up a few things!

Piggly Wiggly
Pershing Street, Belmont, MS 38827:38847
The best route to Fultondale from Millington

A nicer way from Skiatook to Victor

Going to Victor from Skiatook make sure to stop by Dino's Diner for a little something to eat.

OK 74070
First Baptist Church
East 850th Road, Mound City, KS 66056
Dino's Diner
Lakeside Place, Trenton, MO 64683
The best route to Victor from Skiatook

My fav stops going to West Glocester

If going to West Glocester from Pen Mar first stop at Hilton Garden Inn for a pause. Then stop by Tazza Cafe for a caffeine boost!

Pen Mar
Hilton Garden Inn
Penn Drive, Upper Macungie Township, PA 18195
Tazza Cafe
230 Saw Mill River Road, Town of New Castle, NY 10546
West Glocester
The best route to West Glocester from Pen Mar

I suggest this!

Driving from Bodfish to Carlin a way would be to stop at Ubehebe Crater Viewpoint.

CA 93205
Ubehebe Crater Viewpoint
Ubehebe Crater Road, Inyo County, CA
NV 89822
The best route to Carlin from Bodfish

My stops from Cross Roads to Richmond

If driving to Richmond from Cross Roads I suggest you make a stop at Old Mount Carmel Center Swimming Pool for a swim in in the pool.

Other suggestions?

Cross Roads
Old Mount Carmel Center Swimming Pool
Double EE Ranch Road, Oaklake, TX 76705
TX 44769
The best route to Richmond from Cross Roads

These were my stops to Afton from Bristow

Ok!, Going from Bristow to Afton make sure to first of all visit Allen County Fair Arena for a nice experience! Then make a stop at Subway for a great lunch. After that stop at Apple Market for great shopping!

West 119th Street, Overland Park, KS 66251
Allen County Fair Arena
West Bruner Street, Iola, KS 66749
34200 Commerce Drive, De Soto, KS 66018
Apple Market
East Price Street, Savannah, MO 64485
The best route to Afton from Bristow

These were my stops from Berryville to Florham Park

If going from Berryville to Florham Park this is a nice way: stop by BB's Grocery Outlet, LP for picking up a few things!

VA 22611
BB's Grocery Outlet, LP
LP, 581 Camargo Road, Camargo, PA 17566
Florham Park
NJ 07932
The best route to Florham Park from Berryville

Why not this trip?

Driving from Southington to Unity I suggest you visit Planet Fitness for some training.

Planet Fitness
Rockingham Recreational Rail Trail, Newfields, NH 03042
The best route to Unity from Southington

These were my stops from Huntsville to Louisville

When going from Huntsville to Louisville this is a good way: visit Cafe 30 to grab a bite.

Cafe 30
7016 SR 129, Winfield, AL 35594
MS 39339
The best route to Louisville from Huntsville

To Baring with a stop for some shopping

Going from Palmyra to Baring I suggest first of all stop at Hanaford for picking up a few things. Next stop by Binnette. It's a nice stop!

ME 04965
Stillwater Avenue, Old Town, ME 04473
Main Street, Old Town, ME 04468
The best route to Baring from Palmyra

From Economy to Elkhorn Grove

When going from Economy to Elkhorn Grove this is a good way: stop by Paradise Smoothie & Coffee for a gelato!

Paradise Smoothie & Coffee
19816 South Harlem Avenue, Matteson, IL 60423
Elkhorn Grove
IL 61051
The best route to Elkhorn Grove from Economy

From Colchester Center to Maxatawny Township with some some shopping added

When going from Colchester Center to Maxatawny Township this is my preferred way: first stop by Impressions of Saratoga for picking up a few things! After that make a stop at Dreaming Goddess for good shopping.

Good one!

Colchester Center
VT 05446-7174
Impressions of Saratoga
368 Broadway, City of Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Dreaming Goddess
44 Raymond Avenue, Town of Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
Maxatawny Township
PA 19538
The best route to Maxatawny Township from Colchester Center

Get rid of the hard things first

Do you remember eating the Oreo first and then the creamy layer? It’s like that. Leave the easier tasks for later because you're probably not too motivated to procrastinate them anyway.

You might be putting off your entire to-do list because of this one big thing that feels like a drag to do.

But guess what? Once you start doing it, it’s generally over in no time. It will get the ball rolling and help you unclog the system so you can move on to other tasks and finish them off.

A nicer way to Jordan from Kronenwetter

When driving to Jordan from Kronenwetter I suggest first of all make a stop at Gordy's County Market for some hit and run shopping! Then stop by The Purple Petunia Gift Shop for good shopping. Lastly visit Nilssen's Foods for picking up a few things.

WI 13245
Gordy's County Market
708 South Pacific Street, Spencer, WI 54479
The Purple Petunia Gift Shop
South Barstow Street, Eau Claire, WI 54701
Nilssen's Foods
157 East Main Street, Ellsworth, WI 54011
The best route to Jordan from Kronenwetter

These were my stops going to Crossville

When going to Crossville from Centreville I suggest you first of all make a stop at Cracker Barrel Restaurant & Old Country Store for great shopping! Finally visit The Barre Code, it is a nice stop.

Y.M.M.V. Though

Cracker Barrel Restaurant & Old Country Store
6659 US 49, Hattiesburg, MS 39401
The Barre Code
2700 University Boulevard, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
The best route to Crossville from Centreville

Start a Conversation

If you are fading into sleep fast, engage yourself in a conversation. It will get your mind moving again. Talk to anyone near you or call someone up who you know will be free at that time.

Start a Conversation

You can talk to a colleague, discuss any business idea or politics with him. A conversation about politics is considered to be a very strong behavioral stimulator. In no matter of time you will find your self indulged deep into the conversation, don’t forget to return to the original work you wanted to stay awake for.

A good way from Highland to Sharon

When going from Highland to Sharon first of all make a stop at Sonic for a tasty meal. Then pay a visit to AmericInn for a pause!

Give it an up-vote if you like it!

KS 66035
1001 Lincoln Street, Wamego, KS 66547
2 Leonard Court, Hesston, KS 67062
The best route to Sharon from Highland

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