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Although all kinds of nuts are loaded with essential nutrients and fight metabolic diseases, almonds have the highest amount of calcium. Almonds can be eaten in so many ways and easily included in our meals. Some tasty options are consuming almond butter, eating raw almonds, adding almonds to smoothies and making almond cookies and cakes.


Get Over with It

It's hard to dump someone just like that and we know that. It’s not an easy decision and just the thought of it stresses you out. But, think for a moment: aren’t you prolonging the inevitable? There is no point in holding on to someone who should have been dumped a long time ago. If you have finally made up your mind and built up the courage to get rid of them for good, do it. 

Get rid of the hard things first

Do you remember eating the Oreo first and then the creamy layer? It’s like that. Leave the easier tasks for later because you're probably not too motivated to procrastinate them anyway.

You might be putting off your entire to-do list because of this one big thing that feels like a drag to do.

But guess what? Once you start doing it, it’s generally over in no time. It will get the ball rolling and help you unclog the system so you can move on to other tasks and finish them off.

Start a Conversation

If you are fading into sleep fast, engage yourself in a conversation. It will get your mind moving again. Talk to anyone near you or call someone up who you know will be free at that time.

Start a Conversation

You can talk to a colleague, discuss any business idea or politics with him. A conversation about politics is considered to be a very strong behavioral stimulator. In no matter of time you will find your self indulged deep into the conversation, don’t forget to return to the original work you wanted to stay awake for.

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