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Tell an engaging story

The art of storytelling is an important skill to learn. It is easier to sell an idea when the audience is engrossed in your words. If you have 5 to 10 minutes to pitch to investors, use the technique of storytelling.

Present a protagonist and an antagonist. If it's your idea, you should be the protagonist and the main pain point of your product’s consumers is the antagonist. Present the story where your product saves your customers at the end.

For example, Pepsi sells its product by selling 'happiness.' At the end of the day, you drink Pepsi and you are forgetting 'sadness' at least for a while.

Similarly, Headspace sells their 'meditation app' by stating to be 10% less sad. Who does not want to be less sad than they are?

People will spend money to be happy or to see the time, but you have to show them by telling a story.

Recite something

Think of a book passage, a poem, or a song that you know by heart. Recite it quietly in your head and try to distract yourself from the environment around you. If you can’t, try reciting the poem, singing the song, or reading the passage aloud. This will help you to focus the energy in one place.

Focus on how you are pronouncing the words and the shape of each letter and the words on your lips. Try to visualize each letter and word written on a page.Recite something

Use vacuum cleaner

If you do not want the hardwood floor to get wet or come in contact with any chemicals from the dusting agents, then you may consider vacuuming the floor. In fact, vacuuming is the best way to dust hardwood floors. Vacuuming can not only remove dust but also other things like hair wood powder etc. You can do it with any kind of vacuum cleaner. No need to spend a bulk amount of money and also you won't need any kind of special attachments.

Do not Compromise the Quality

When you have too many things in your schedule it is easy to compromise the quality. Do not try to do too many things at once. Use your entire focus to get one task done at once. Break the hour into small parts and set a few minutes for each. If the pan is on the stove and you have to take it off in 20 minutes, remove it. You can cook later when you are done doing what’s important. Don’t divide your focus.

Retrain your mind and body by 3 positive changes per day

Develop a habit of observing 3 positive changes in your body and mindset every day. Each day is a new day to learn something and explore yourself. These changes might also affect other people. For instance, you can observe how politely did you reply to your employer’s email or have talked on the phone with your client.

It is an effective way I use to retrain my body. I might not see 3 positive changes in me every day but it boosts up my confidence and makes me feel good about myself. 

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