Best Ways to Answer interview questions


Take Some Time to Think

How many times have we felt, I could have answered this question better or I might have come up with something else after the damage has been done.

When we are at the interview, we are already nervous and under self-inflicted pressure to give the best interview. It is not necessary to answer every question quickly. No one is counting how long you should take to answer a question.

If you have been asked a hard or personal question, take some time to think about a good answer. Taking time to answer, also shows that you think before you speak and you are not shallow.

Written by Megan Harrell
2 months ago

Telling Them Why You Need the Job

Many hiring managers start the interview or end it with the question; Why do you want this job? Obviously, the answer is you need the money, the location suits you and all the benefits you will get because of this job. 

But, this question, if you look at it carefully, is not about you, it’s about the company. They want to know why you want to get the post of a supervisor, an assistant, or an accountant? Give them a neutral answer that shows your interest and the benefit of the company in hiring you.

Telling Them Why You Need the Job

Written by Isabel Roy
2 years ago

Don't Be Afraid to Accept that You Failed

One of the hardest questions, the interviewers can ask is “Did you ever fail?” It can be very hard to answer if you are not prepared but if you have done your homework, everything should go smoothly.

Tell them about why you failed and what you learned from the experience. If they seem more interested in talking about it, explain how the failure has shaped your career and personality. 

Written by Patrick Adams
4 months ago

Be Comfortable

The most common reasons for an interview not gone so well are distrustfulness, nervousness, and unpreparedness. If it is your dream job that you are going to apply for, make the effort of dressing up and showing up on time. Don’t forget the most important part to prepare for the interview and visualize being in front of the hiring managers. It can help calm down the stress and prepare you for the hardest interview questions.

Written by Sophia Diaz
1 year ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Answer Interview Questions?

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