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STOP using credit cards

Credit cards charge hefty rates of interest. It’s best to cut down on expenses while you’re trying to pay off debt rather than resorting to the use of credit card debt.

STOP using credit cards

Credit cards also give you the psychological flexibility of making purchases that you wouldn’t otherwise make because it doesn’t require any out-of-pocket payments. You might also be lured in with offers that nudge you into making those unnecessary purchases or expenses.

If you’re trying to pay off debt fast, it’s counter-intuitive to take on even more debt, at a high rate of interest. So hide your credit cards away in your cabinets until you’re done paying off the debts.

Pay the Smaller Credit Card Debt First

If you owe $200 on one credit card and $1500 on another credit card, pay the smaller debt first. When you get rid of one credit card debt, you will have a taste of success at paying off your debt.

If there is a card that has an outstanding balance that has not reached the due date, pay down the debt for this card first, if possible. Because the due date is not reached yet, there is no interest rate applied on the amount, paying it soon means no extra payments. 

Find a temporary solution

If you only need to cover your gray hair for a short time, maybe a wedding or other special event, you may be able to get away with only concealing, and not covering, your hair.

A smart hat or fascinator can make a lovely accessory and pull a whole look together. This is the best temporary solution as it's stylish and very easily removable with almost no chance of malfunction.

Another solution if hats aren't an option, is temporary hair color. There are many products out there that can cover your hair for a day or two, usually in the form of sprays. They're easy to use too: simply spray over the parts that you'd like to conceal and you're done. Just be careful of stray beads of sweat or color transfer onto your hands.

Local Search

Most indoor cats that are lost are wandering or hiding outside the house within a 17-house radius which is roughly 344 yards from the owner’s house. As soon as you realize your cat is missing, you can start to search for the cat in your neighborhood. Check places that are good hiding spots such as empty boxes, shades, outbuildings, garages, and any spot where a cat can fit.

Local Search

Use sticky notes

Learning a new language can be very challenging. The first thing you want to do is work on your vocabulary words. It's easier to do this if you can connect the Spanish word for an item to the English word for it. A great exercise for you to try is using sticky notes around your home with Spanish words. For example, put a sticky note saying puerta on your door or ventana on your window. This way, you will associate the Spanish with the English and build a basic vocabulary for every day use.

Nasal decongestants and corticosteroids

Clogged ears can be unclogged by unclogging your nasal passageways using nasal decongestants. But be sure to follow the instructions on the OTC nasal decongestant carefully.

Alternatively, you could use OTC nasal corticosteroids to reduce inflammation in the nasal passages. This allows the air to pass easily through the Eustachian tube, which equalizes the ear pressure and unclogs them.

Select a Purpose of your Market Research

If you want to avoid vague market research, make SMART market research goals. The term SMART goal means that the goal should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

There are always reasons for market research, your goal might be reducing costs or creating more customers. Define what you want to accomplish through this market research and organize your efforts to meet the goals.

Before you begin the research, make a research plan, and decide on a budget. If you need a specialist, print questionnaires or will have to travel for research purposes, make a market research budget and try to manage everything within the budget.

Select a Purpose of your Market Research

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