Best Ways to Pull a tooth


The classic door pulling method

Now if we're talking about tooth extraction for toddlers and non-adults, then you can do it at home with your own hands. One of the old and classic ways is the door pulling method. The first thing to do is make them mentally prepared for the process. Detect the tooth that needs to be extracted. Move it forward and backward to make sure it is ready to be pulled out. Tie a thread with it and tie the other end with the door handle. Now do not let the toddler know when you are going to pull the handle. Just pull it and the tooth will come out.

Written by Samantha Mccarthy
2 months ago

Visit the dentist

If we are talking about pulling a tooth out of an adult’s mouth, then the best way is to visit a dentist. Doing it at home by yourself can cause severe damage to your jaw bone structure. But if you are afraid of going to the dentist, then you better prepare yourself with some easy steps. The first thing you can do is talk to your friends who have had a recent visit with their dentist. Talk to them to know about their experience. It will boost your confidence. Next thing you can do is to watch videos about adults getting their tooth extracted by a dentist. This will give you a practical visualization about what to accept. Now if you are ready, it is time to book an appointment with the dentist.

Written by Eric Henderson
2 weeks ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Pull a Tooth?

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