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Understand the basics of the company

To do research and understand the stocks of a company, you should understand how the company works. Ensure that you know where the revenue comes from. Ask questions like:

- Who are the company’s biggest customers? 

- From where does the revenue come? 

- Does it come from consumer sales, advertising, or somewhere else?

- Is it a young company or an established giant?

- Are there regulatory issues the industry must overcome?

- How will the company fit in the future of the industry?

- Will it be able to adapt or change?

- Does it have any competitive advantage?

Eat whole foods

Eating good food can stimulate beard growth. Food has an impact on two beard-growth hormones, that is testosterone and DHT hormone. Since these two hormones are like hair fertilizers, increasing their levels will most definitely help your mane to grow.

Olive oil, alfalfa sprouts, sorghum, coffee, raisins are some of the foods you should eat frequently. Among all foods, alfalfa sprouts are the most impactful as it increases DHT levels by 21% and testosterone levels by a whopping 14%. 

Establish the Purpose of the Essay

Regardless of what you're writing an introduction for, an essay, a thesis, a blog, it has to cover the exact same thing. You have to cover the fundamental basics of the topic and ensure that you talk about the background knowledge of the topic. The introduction should be a quick summary of everything you're going to mention in the essay without revealing too much of the conclusion, the core part of the essay.


If you sweat a lot, then it is obvious, that the clothes you wear also get stinky. Machine wash is not enough to clean the sweaty clothes. To get the smell out of the clothes, hand wash your clothes, before putting them in the washing machine.

Use a tub with some warm water to soak clothes. Rub the areas that might be smelly such as the groin area, underarms, neck, and back. If you spot any stains or dirt, clean them right away. When the clothes are clean, put them in the washing machine for a clean final touch.

Hang Wind Chimes Outside Your Windows

Hanging wind chimes on the windows can be a bit disturbing for you too. Make sure that you hang them outside the window so that if you need some peace you can close the window and annoy the neighbors. The more wind chimes the better. 

Hang Wind Chimes Outside Your Windows

Cut Down Refined Crabs

The refined carbs that we eat in a day can be doing more harm than we think. The refined carbs are digested quickly and since they form glucose they are deposited in the form of fats in our body. Eating refined carbs can also make you hungrier because they are digested quickly.

To decrease body fat, consider eating complex carbs such as wheat, barley, and other whole grains. You can also cut out the carbs from your body altogether if you start a ketogenic diet. A ketogenic or Keto diet helps you lose weight when your body utilizes protein instead of carbs for energy. The body depletes its fat reservoirs in the absence of carbs which helps lose considerable weight. 


If you're really sick of ramen soup, you can forgo the soup altogether and use it to make a stir-fry. Simply cook your noodles, then drain the water, then stir-fry with any vegetables you like. Peppers, mushrooms, carrots, and greens are great choices. You can also add any kind of cooked meat you want. Stir fry over high heat and add the seasoning packet, and whatever other seasoning you want. Then you have a veggie-packed stir fry and a break in the monotony of eating instant noodles every day.

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