Best Ways to Stimulate beard growth


Take multivitamin/supplements

Taking supplements is one of the best ways to stimulate beard growth. Mineral and vitamin deficiencies in your body can slow down your beard growth. B-vitamins such as biotin, are extremely important to take as it overcomes zinc and keratin deficiencies. These 2 elements are associated with beard growth.

Multivitamin supplements increase your DHT and testosterone levels and stimulate beard growth. Moreover, a wholesome yet nutritional diet helps too.

Carnitine, also known as the lipid transporter is an amino acid that helps the fatty acids to shuttle directly into your cells, including the hair follicles. Take multivitamin/supplements

Written by Damian Hicks
2 years ago

Eat whole foods

Eating good food can stimulate beard growth. Food has an impact on two beard-growth hormones, that is testosterone and DHT hormone. Since these two hormones are like hair fertilizers, increasing their levels will most definitely help your mane to grow.

Olive oil, alfalfa sprouts, sorghum, coffee, raisins are some of the foods you should eat frequently. Among all foods, alfalfa sprouts are the most impactful as it increases DHT levels by 21% and testosterone levels by a whopping 14%. 

Written by Roderick Leonard
12 months ago

Try minoxidil

Minoxidil is the only proven beard growth activator backed by science. Thai researchers report that applying a 3% minoxidil solution on a man’s face showed significant hair growth. The reasons why minoxidil promotes beard hair growth are still unknown but all the research studies conclude that 3% minoxidil in the solution is enough for beard enhancement.

More than 50,000 people in the US are buying the over-the-counter beard growth serum. The after and before beard pictures that the manufacturer is posting are quite impressive. 

Written by Bobby Norris
2 years ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Stimulate Beard Growth?

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