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Shrink them in the dryer

To shrink scrubs, you would need to dry them on the dryer’s warmest setting. However, it also matters what material your scrubs are made of.

Cotton scrubs may shrink a full size when they come out of the dryer, while a mixture of cotton and polyester (most commonly used today) might not shrink all that much.

Just to be safe, the first time around, set the dryer to medium heat. If the scrub doesn’t shrink to your desired size, you can always run it through the dryer again. 


There are hardly any mental health ailments that meditation cannot solve. Studies suggest that by relaxing your mind and body through stimulating melatonin levels, meditation can boost the activity in your brain’s left prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain associated with happiness. Simultaneously, meditation also suppresses activity in the stress-linked regions of the brain. 



Yoga and meditation can help relieve tension headaches. To reduce the strain on the neck and behind the ears, find a yoga posture that works for you. Many people like to meditate with child pose or corpse pose because it helps your body relax. Shut down all distractions and find a spot that is quiet and peaceful. Meditate for a few minutes and avoid watching screens for too long. If you haven’t slept well, try taking a nap.


Make it about the audience

Use the most unexpected approach to get the audience’s attention. Once you get it, make the story about them. Improve your me-to-you ratio and talk about their lives, aspirations, their goals, insecurities, and problems.

Many speakers sell fear to grab the audience’s attention. While you do not have to belittle anybody or make them anxious, you can be positive and bring about the change. Be in alliance with them and mold your words so they know you care for their well-being. Make it about the audience

Understand different types of stock analysis

There are mainly two types of stock analysis:

Fundamental analysis: Fundamental analysis aims to determine whether the current price of the company accurately reflects its future value. It involves researching the financials of the company and looking at factors like price-to-earnings ratio and earning per share, and more.

Technical analysis: Technical analysis utilizes data based on the market activity like prices and trading volume. Technical analysis is usually done by professional researchers and they have tools, charts, and trends to do the analysis. They can predict the future price movements of the stock.

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