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Have it by itself

If you’re at home, use a stovetop machine and press the filter hard against the filter. This will deliver the proper stimulant as well as taste. Remember that every coffee has an appropriate brewing type for itself. For example, a Pike Place Blend tastes perfect when brewed like espresso, but awful as a drip. To appreciate coffee for what it is, avoid covering it up with things like milk, sugar, and foam.

Identify possible solutions

Instead of focusing on what made you mad, try to figure out how you will solve the issue. If something is driving you crazy, find a resolution that will work for you and the other party. Is your child’s room messy all the time? Instead of bashing on them, try to figure out a way that will make them do the work without you asking all the time.

Tidy up his apartment

If you are not living with him and his apartment is a complete mess, tidy it up and be it a surprise for your loved one. My boyfriend is quite messy and gets annoyed when anybody else touches his stuff. However, I always end up helping him while he’s cleaning the house.

A tidy apartment is a great way to surprise your boyfriend and melt his heart. If his apartment is tidy, you can go beyond and change his bedsheets, do his laundry or go grocery shopping for him.

Participate in Virtual Events

One good thing that came out of COVID-19 was the increase in potential when it came to networking over the internet. Tons of major events and conferences that were organized globally are now being held over the internet and are accessible to everyone. If you attend some of these events, do participate in them actively. Talk and interact with other individuals there.

DIY Trap

The summer weather brings also brings unwanted pests; flies. They can ruin your picnic day, invade your house and contaminate your food. Additionally, they are annoying and their presence in your house can sometimes put you in a bad mood. To kill them, you can make a DIY flies trap that can kill them effectively. It is easy to make and can be made in less than 5 minutes.

You will need a:

·      A blade/ cutter

·      An old plastic can/ bottle (medium or large size)

·      Plastic Wrap

·      Dishwash soap/ oil

·      Something to lure the flies such as fruits, juice, wine or anything sugary

Cut the lid of the plastic bottle/can with a sharp blade. Peel fruits and put them in the bottle. You can add juice or water to the entire base. The water or juice will drown the flies. Rub some soapy solution of dishwashing fluid on the sides, you can also use oil at this point and add some of it to the juice/water mixture. The lack of friction will compel the flies to drown inside the water.

For additional security, put plastic wrap on the bottle and poke a few holes large enough for them to get in. Flies are silly insects and once they enter the bottle; they won’t remember the exit. Even if they don’t drown in the liquid, they will be trapped inside the bottle. 

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