Best Ways to Soothe a baby


Using White Noise

White noise is the term used to identify the sounds that a baby hears in the womb. For a human, it's a pretty weird sound, and there would be no comfort included whatsoever. However, for a baby, it's the most peaceful found in the world as it is the same sound a baby hears in the memory they felt the safest in, the womb. By playing white noise, your baby will feel calmer and be a lot easier to put to sleep.

Written by Brian Phillips
1 year ago

Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo care, or more commonly known as skin-to-skin contact, has amazing mental benefits for the baby. The name of the care comes from the tendency of kangaroos who hold their young immediately as they're born. Kangaroo care decreases the baby's dependency on incubators and decreases mortality rates from 70% to 30%. Furthermore, even after the baby is born, kangaroo care can be a great way to comfort the baby as they are struggling to get accustomed to the world outside the womb.

Written by Beth Gibson
2 years ago

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