Best Ways to Volunteer during covid


Help out your local food bank

There are many people suffering due to the economic and social upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many low-income families are struggling to put food on the table due to being laid off or handling healthcare bills. This is where food banks come in. Supporting your local food bank can be a great way to ensure that families in need are able to stay fed. You can donate nonperishable food items to your local food bank. You can also research other items they may be accepting.

Written by Vicente Donaldson
3 months ago

Blood donations

One of the best ways to volunteer during the COVID-19 pandemic is by giving blood. Blood donations can be vital to saving lives and keeping hospitals in working order. It's very important to keep hospitals supplied with blood during these dark times. There are various organizations that can help healthy individuals donate blood to hospitals in their area. You can schedule appointments with the American National Red Cross on their website.

Written by Cornelius Burke
2 years ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Volunteer During Covid?

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