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Ear Piercing at a Doctor’s Office

Having a doctor to pierce your ears is the safest way to get it done because it greatly lowers the chances of infection. The doctor can also apply a topical cream to numb the pain before the procedure or prescribe one to use regularly. Infection prevention and caring for the ear is the utmost priority at a doctor’s office.

Train your brain

Your brain, like any muscle in your body, can be trained to get stronger. Using it often will not only improve your memory, but your cognitive ability.

A great way to train your brain is by learning an instrument, as it has been shown to improve memory and reading skills. This is because it stimulates many parts of your brain at once - you're using both of your hands at the same time, while listening to make sure you're playing the right notes, while reading along with your sheet music.

You can also stimulate your brain with simple games and puzzles. Crosswords and sudoku are fun ways to pass the time and make you think hard about what you're doing. There are also a lot of brain training apps and websites on the market, such as Peak or

Take a moment and walk away

Sometimes you're going to have 15 minutes of pure genius and write a song that you love. And sometimes it's not going to happen that fast. If you feel yourself getting frustrated with the song you're working on, take a moment and walk away from the project. Sitting there and overthinking is not going to serve you well. It will only make your writer's block worse. Sometimes all you need is a break or a good night's sleep. Let your mind recharge and come back to it later with a clear head.

Blood donations

One of the best ways to volunteer during the COVID-19 pandemic is by giving blood. Blood donations can be vital to saving lives and keeping hospitals in working order. It's very important to keep hospitals supplied with blood during these dark times. There are various organizations that can help healthy individuals donate blood to hospitals in their area. You can schedule appointments with the American National Red Cross on their website.

Quit in person

Let me say this loud and clear: do NOT quit over text! When you're leaving a job, it's still important to be respectful and professional. While having such a tough conversation in person can be nerve-wracking, your boss will appreciate that you respected them and the company enough to have a face to face conversation. It will also make your boss more willing to be a reference for you in the future.

Quit smoking

There are countless benefits to quitting smoking. When you smoke a cigarette, it increases your blood pressure and it remains elevated for many subsequent minutes. The tobacco chemicals harm the artery wall’s lining and make your arteries narrower, thereby making you vulnerable to heart disease. In fact, even secondhand smoke can pose a risk of heart disease.

Quit smoking

Giving up cigarettes reduces your risk of heart-related ailments like blood pressure, and also refines your general health. It adds a considerable number of days to your life, too.

Find Keywords with Less Competition

There are hundreds of keywords that people use on google when they are looking for something. If you want to rank a new website in the google search, find low competition keywords, and add them to the website content or the blog posts.

Some keywords can be very difficult to add and make the writing sound gibberish. Look for effective ways to use keywords in the text so that the text is easy-to-read and SEO-friendly. 

Add the keywords in the headings, and in paragraphs as many times as comfortably possible. But don’t overdo it. 

Remember to bold the keywords so that it is easier for the search engine to identify them.

Chair Hold

You don’t necessarily need to be sitting for holding the baby in a chair hold pose. Hold the baby close to your chest. Place one hand below the baby’s bum, (if you are standing) and the other hand on the baby’s chest. Keep the baby close to your body. You can also rock the baby gently by getting on your toes and releasing them gently. If you are standing, grab the baby’s crotch and gently rock the baby. Don’t apply pressure or hold the baby too tightly because they might get uncomfortable and start crying. Don't bend the baby's back beyond a 60-degree angle.

Chair Hold

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