Best Ways to Aerate wort


Splashing and Agitation

The easiest way to aerate the wort is to run the wort after cooling from the boiler to the fermenter from a height. This drop encourages spraying and foaming the wading infusion. This can be as simple as turning on the kettle tap and dropping the wort from a height into the fermenter or pouring the wort back and forth between two pots without kernels. The higher the spray and the agitation, the more oxygen will be introduced.

Written by Dustin Mccoy
1 month ago

Use of Aquarium Pumps

A simple aquarium pump is a great way to dissolve oxygen in beer and aerate the wort. Most aquarium pumps have HEPA filters that remove pollutants and dust from the air and then inject them into the beer.

A simple aquarium pump along small siphon tubes immersed in wort will allow air to flow from the room into the wort during operation. Combine this with a spread stone, and you can quickly get an effective wort aeration setting.

Written by Ernestine Jackson
12 months ago

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