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Plan your main idea

Songwriters all have different processes of writing and creating. Everybody has a different way of thinking through what they want their song to sound like. Although it can be tough, a good place to start would be by picking the main topic that you want your song to be about. If you're not sure yet, then take a piece of paper and brainstorm. Come up with a few ideas and pick the one that resonates with you the most. Writing about things you're passionate about always produces the best work.

Use an earwax softener

Most pharmacies will be able to provide you with over-the-counter eardrops that work as earwax softeners. The drops generally contain a solution of any of the following:

- Hydrogen peroxide

- Peroxide

- Saline

- Glycerin

- Mineral oil

- Baby oil

Put in the prescribed number of drops in your ear and let it sit for a few minutes before you rinse your ear. Carefully read the instructions on the package, and if the symptoms persist – call your doctor. 


You can sell a lot of items on eBay. Here, you are pretty much responsible for everything you sell. You can build up your reputation as a good seller on eBay, and sell more clothes, both new and used.

No more hot showers

While it is not clearly proven that extremely hot showers can potentially lead to hair loss, hot water can cause considerable damage to your scalp. When your scalp isn't healthy, your hair will not grow. Hot water can strip your scalp, taking away healthy oils and bacteria that the scalp needs to promote hair growth. The damage could be causing your hair to thin out prematurely.

In Books

If you want to hide 5-10 bills, you can easily hide them in a book that has 300 or more pages. Don’t put all the bills in one place. Place the bills 50 or 30 pages apart. Close the book and place it on a bookshelf with all the other books. Don’t mark anything on this book or place it separately.

If you share your house with your spouse or family, let them know you have hidden cash inside the book. There have been so many instances when family members donated or threw books that had cash inside them.

In Books

Dividend Discount Model

The simplest way to value a stock is the dividend discount model. The model assumes a constant cash flow into perpetuity for the company and discounts it at a constant rate. The model is most suitable for mature companies with a plateaued growth rate.


Dividend for Year 1/(Cost of Equity – Dividend growth rate)

A variation of the DDM is the Gordon Growth Model where you assume a constant growth rate for the company. You could use the DDM to discount cash flows of multiple years, before you finally estimate a constant growth rate beyond Year 2/3/4, as the case may be, into perpetuity. 

Splashing and Agitation

The easiest way to aerate the wort is to run the wort after cooling from the boiler to the fermenter from a height. This drop encourages spraying and foaming the wading infusion. This can be as simple as turning on the kettle tap and dropping the wort from a height into the fermenter or pouring the wort back and forth between two pots without kernels. The higher the spray and the agitation, the more oxygen will be introduced.

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