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Boiling pasta seems easy, but there are many ways that it can be done incorrectly.

First, make sure you're adding your pasta to already boiling water. Adding it to cold water increases the chance of sticking and will also prevent your pasta from cooking evenly.

Second, while your water is coming to a boil, add salt. This seasons the pasta so that you don't have bland, flabby noodles. Many chefs say that you should add enough salt so that your water tastes like the ocean, so add a bit more than you think.

While you're adding your pasta to the pot, stir constantly. Stir for a couple seconds once the macaroni is in the pot too, to prevent sticking. Make sure to stir occasionally while it cooks.

To test to see if it's done, take a small piece out and taste it. If it feels done to you, it's done. Drain the pasta with a colander, saving the water if the recipe calls for it. Now you're ready to use the pasta. If setting aside for a while, toss with olive oil otherwise the pasta will stick to itself.

Written by Rosemarie Skinner
4 months ago

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