Best Ways to Cut avocado


Using an avocado slicer

If you're not super confident with your knife skills, and pitting an avocado with a knife sounds scary to you, you may want to invest in an avocado slicer/pitter. They take all the stress out of avocados and basically do the work for you.

Some come with a sort of "mouth" with jagged teeth that you simply place over the avocado pit, squeeze, and out the pit comes. They also have slicing tools that give you perfect, even avocado slices without having to wash another utensil.

Written by Matthew Carlson
8 months ago

Using a knife

A kitchen knife with a sharp tip is the simplest way to cut an avocado.

Hold the avocado in one hand and the knife in the other. Going from top to bottom, cut around the pit of the avocado and separate so you have two egg-shaped halves. Hold the half with the pit in one hand and carefully plop your knife into the pit with enough force that it is firmly lodged in. Twist the knife and the pit should release easily.

Once your avocado has been deseeded, you can score each half with vertical lines, going right down into the skin, and scooping out the flesh with a spoon. This gives you nice, even slices.

Written by Melody Banks
1 year ago

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