Best Ways to Chop cilantro


Slice, not chop

Herbs are very delicate, so when trying to get them into smaller pieces, it's better to think of it as slicing, not chopping. The difference is that you want to use longer, gentler motions rather than clunky, haphazard ones. This will reduce bruising and give you both better flavor and better presentation.

Take the cilantro you'd like to slice and gently roll it into a neat spiral. Then take your knife and glide it along the cilantro in the direction you'd like to cut. The tighter the spiral, and the closer your slices are, the more precise your cuts will be.

Once cut, use either as a garnish or to add a deep, earthy flavour to your dishes.

Slice, not chop

Written by Linda Mckinney
6 months ago

Just use your hands

Depending on what you want cilantro for, you might be able to get away with simply picking it using your fingers. This keeps the leaves whole and gives a more natural, rustic look that doesn't disappear into your food.

Just pick the leaves off of the stem, being careful not to bruise the cilantro. Then you are free to cook with it or use it as a garnish to add some flair to your foods.

Written by Tony Perry
6 months ago

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