Best Ways to Sit on the floor



If you want to quickly switch between sitting on the floor and standing up, the squat sit will allow that. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Stand and place your legs at hip-distance from each other. Get a good grip on the floor with your legs.

Step 2: Start lowering your hips and keep going until they’re just above the floor.

Step 3: Maintain an upright chest and shoulders.

… and you’re done. If you want to stand up, you can gently begin to raise yourself or jump right up.


Written by Carolyn Mclaughlin
2 years ago


This is the most common way of sitting on the floor.

To kneel:

Step 1: Stand up and step either leg backward as you shift your weight onto the front leg.

Step 2: Begin to move your back knee closer to the ground, but keep your ankle fixed and toes on the floor.

Step 3: Position your shoulders right over your hips and begin to lower the front knee to the floor.

Step 4: Place your knees at shoulder-distance from each other and rest your hips on the heels.

To reduce discomfort to your knees, have a mat placed where you’re about to kneel. 

Written by Darren Lynch
2 years ago

With crossed legs

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Sit down on the floor and bend your knees. Move the bent knees outward and bring one foot below the opposite knee.

Step 2: Shift your body weight over from the feet to your hips and position your belly over the hips.

Step 3: If the pressure on the hips is causing discomfort, place a blanket underneath. 

With crossed legs

Written by Ruby Nash
1 month ago

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