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Pose with an uncluttered background

Do a quick scan of the area and ensure to remove anything that diverts the focus from you. If the background is messy, take a different shot so the people can’t see what is in the background. If you can, pick another location or the messy background will ruin your Instagram pictures!

Regardless of how beautiful, sexy or cute you look, if there’s a distracting thing in the background of your photo, everybody is going to make fun of that.

Don’t Block the Window

Even if you hate opening the window and you haven’t ever enjoyed looking out the window don’t let the furniture cover it entirely especially if it is a small window. Placing the seaters in front of a large window will help you enjoy the view outside while sitting in the chair but doing the same with a small window won’t be a good idea. Leave the window area free if you can. But if the window covers an entire wall, and you can’t find any other spot for your couch, make it your sitting area. 

Napkin in glass

Layer one napkin on top of the other so that each corner is offset a bit. Grab the center of both the napkins and pull up. With the edges pointing up, place napkins in a glass and fluff. This fold is super easy and it looks very fancy on the dinner table.

Napkin in glass

Synthesize rather than summarize

Don’t just summarize what you already wrote in the main content. There’s a reason why it’s called a conclusion and not a summary. That is not to say you can’t talk about the main content at all, but make it a part of your conclusion – not the entire conclusion.

Instead of rewriting the same points, bring the entire article together for the reader. Explain to the readers how your arguments and examples agree with each other. This will make you sound more concrete, which usually has the effect of influencing the reader’s thought process.

Let It Smell Your Hand

Animals including dogs recognize beings through their smell. To greet a dog, let the dog smell your hand. The dog may start barking at you if you go too near or show signs of aggressiveness if they are trained to be that way. It is not recommended to go near a stray dog. If the owner of the dog knows you, is a friend, or someone you just met and lets you greet the dog, go ahead and hold your palm near the dog’s face for a short while. After the dog has sniffed your hand, go ahead and pat them or rub their back. 

Let It Smell Your Hand

Listening to Music

Listening to music has calming effects on our brain. To produce more oxytocin in your body, make a playlist and listen to it more often when traveling, free, and cooking at home. Soak in a hot bathtub and play your favorite music playlist. Having a steamy bath can help relax your body muscles that also feels good. Such moments can boost the production of oxytocin in your body.

Listening to Music

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