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Give them love

There is only one thing that all dogs really want from the humans around them: to be loved. The best way to greet your dog is by petting them and giving them some quality attention. Your dog will love the affection and will show it by wagging its tail. When it comes to dogs that you aren’t familiar with, ask their owner before you approach them. It’s important to make sure the dog and the owner are comfortable with you approaching to greet them.

Add it to your salad dressing

If you don’t love drinking apple cider vinegar with your water, there is a way to add it to your salads! When you’re done preparing your salad, add apple cider vinegar to your greens along with olive oil. This will create a light vinaigrette for your salad. Season with salt and pepper to your liking and serve! This is a quick and simple way to incorporate apple cider vinegar into your everyday meals.

Stay in Touch with the Next Generation

Let’s say you have an HNW client who regularly uses your services but he always meets you alone and none of their kin knows about you. When this HNW individual passes away, the family would probably go to another financial advisor because they won’t know you. Connecting to the next generation of aging clients means that you stay the person’s financial advisor as long as the business empire is there.

Stay in Touch with the Next Generation

Citrus Fruits

The best sources of collagen are citrus fruits because they help the body increase collagen production. The body synthesizes collagen with Vitamin C which is present in citrus fruits. The citrus fruits have ample vitamin C which makes them the best addition to your diet if you are making an effort to boost your body’s collagen production.

Citrus Fruits

Take Out Uneaten Food Daily

Rabbits are spoiled pets and they like to waste a lot of food. Check and remove what’s lying uneaten from your rabbit’s cage daily. Bad smell from rotten food will not spread inside the hutch and this will keep the rabbit hutch clean when done regularly.


Throwing in some rugs in any room can change the feel of the room. The rugs look cozy, and they give you the space to sit, do yoga, or exercise on the ground. A thick rug in every room can winterize the house and keep you cozy.


Find a rug that accentuates the living room, a bold rug in the living room in front of your couch can be the perfect place to put your feet while sipping on a hot drink.

Write down your worries in the day

For 10 to 15 minutes in a day, write down what's on your mind at an earlier time and figure out what you are going to do about it. To kick start your thoughts, start with what are things I am going to worry about before going to bed. So, at night when a worrying thought comes, you can strike it off as you have a solution for everything now. Also, do this task in the morning and not at night so that you have enough separation from your thoughts at night.

Write down your worries in the day

Say NO When you have to

You cannot avoid every situation that stresses you but you can definitely some of them by saying NO. When you have the opportunity to decide what type of stress you can take and what type of stress you cannot or should not take, you also feel in control. When you already have a lot on your plate, say NO to avoid stressing yourself further. It can be saying no to a co-worker who asks you to complete her project or a friend asking you to help her find her missing dog. Such small things can stress us out and avoiding unwanted stress that is not yours to take can free you from a lot of problems. 

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