Best Ways to Introduce cats to dogs



LAT refers to “Look at that”. When your feline and canine creatures have been on good terms for a while, you can bring them together. To stop your dog from starring at the cat or being obsessed or angry at her, say “Look at that” and show the cat a toy, a bird, a picture, or anything that can help him take his eyes off the cat. This helps the dog get comfortable in presence of a cat and avoid his natural instinct to chase her. 

Written by Karen Williamson
5 months ago

Create a Barrier

You may think that your dog is a friendly creature and nothing unpleasant will ever happen but your pet dog has never been around cats so you cannot be 100% sure. Dogs of ignorant owners have hurt and even killed cats when they were left alone. Even the cat can injure your dog when the cat gets offensive. Creating a barrier of at least 10 feet between the two helps the dog and cat accept that there is also another animal in the house who is probably going to stay. Keep them apart at all times and stick with small and monitored meetings. 

Create a Barrier

Written by Glenda Peters
9 months ago

Asses Your Dog’s Personality

A dog that was brought up in a safe home environment will quickly adjust to having a new buddy in the house but a rescue dog who has been on his own for a while might not be ready to welcome a cat. If the dog’s or cat’s past experience was not good, they will require your time and effort to get good at socializing with the other animal. A dog trainer or a consultant can provide professional help to improve the behavior of your pets. 

Written by Emma Simpson
2 years ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Introduce Cats to Dogs?

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