Best Ways to Job search 2020


Update your profile and resume

Don’t treat LinkedIn as social media. In your profile, do not just upload a selfie as your profile picture. Use a good image that makes you look good and professional as well. Keep your profile updated with as much as information you can provide about your professional career.

Keep increasing your connections and always check job openings that are posted on LinkedIn. Based on your job interest, update your profile by demonstrating required skills. For example, if you’re looking for a job in marketing, teaching skill would not be helpful.

Written by Louis Kelley
1 year ago

Keep your HR professional connections close

If you know about an opening in a company, but they haven’t posted any advertisements online, you could just reach out to the hiring manager or HR manager. Contacting HR directly shows your enthusiasm for the job which might get preferred. Make sure you tailor your resume based on the job’s requirements. Do not try to oversell yourself by providing unnecessary skills and experiences. Finish your cover letter with a call for action like asking for an opportunity to talk in-person which would increase your chance to get a call. 

Written by Stephanie Collins
2 months ago

Checkout these job portals

Job searching in 2020 has become easier than ever with companies posting their advertisements online. Monster, Indeed, Snagajob, Jobs2Careers, Glassdoor, Ziprecruiter, etc. are some of the good job-hunting websites. To increase your chances of getting a call, open an account on as many websites as possible. Showcase your skills and experiences precisely and attractively. Browse through the categories you prefer, and keep applying for as many job postings you find suitable for you. Attending multiple interviews will never hurt but increase your skills.

Written by Zachary May
1 year ago

LinkedIn is a powerful job search tool

To search jobs in 2020, aside from several jobs posting websites, you could take help of LinkedIn. Almost all the job postings are uploaded on LinkedIn along with other job posting websites. Keeping an eye on companies’ LinkedIn profiles would be a good idea to start with your job hunting. A lot of the companies prefer LinkedIn profiles instead of a traditional CV or Resume. So, make sure to open a LinkedIn account now if you don’t have one yet.

Written by Armando Gregory
5 days ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Job Search 2020?

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