Best Ways to Communicate with employees


Periodic team huddles

Make sure everyone in the team stays up to date on the happenings in the organization by arranging periodic team huddles.

The meeting may also be a good opportunity to surface questions so the team can become involved in decision making, which has a considerable positive influence on your employees’ engagement and trust.

Periodic team huddles

Written by Janis Malone
1 month ago


Communication is a two-way street. Communicating with your employees involves listening to them, too. Prudent businesspeople realize that it’s generally the frontline employees that interact with the customers and do the real work who can share the best insights for improving the business.

Feedback mechanisms like a hotline or a suggestion box could be a good starting point in this direction. Also, make sure you actually put effort into what your employees have to say and don't just pretend, because that can make things worse for you once your employees see through the charade – which they eventually will. 

Written by Alexis Dorsey
4 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Communicate with Employees?

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