Best Ways to Kill mosquitoes


Spray insecticide all over your house

DEET is one of the most effective mosquito/pesticide sprays that I have ever used. However, its effect only lasts a few hours. Besides, it might kill other beneficial insects in your garden that are protecting your plants.

Yes, you can use other pesticides for less collateral damage but they do not last long, are less effective, and only work on clothing rather than a large area.

Pro tip: If you want to know if a pesticide works, check if it is approved by Environmental Protection Agency.

Written by Wilbur Parks
1 year ago

Kill the mosquito larvae

You must know that water is the breeding place for mosquito larvae. Therefore, make sure to drain all the rain barrels, bird dishes, pet dishes, kiddie pools, and other containers with water. If there are other sources of water near your home, like a puddle, add an insecticide targeted at eradicating mosquito larvae.

However, make sure you read the labels on the insecticides before buying. Make sure that your pets and children are safe even if they drink the treated water. 

Written by Elizabeth Hudson
3 months ago

Build a home-made mosquito trap

First of all, you have to purchase a commercial, high-volume fan that sucks air in rather than throwing air out. As you would be using magnets, make sure you buy the one with the metal frame. The next step is to cover the fan’s front with insect-proof and fine metal mesh. Use magnets and several zip ties to attach the mesh to the fan’s frame.

The next and last step is to switch on the fan in an area that is overrun by a lot of mosquitoes. Switch it on for at least 2 to 3 hours. Long-term mosquito reduction is not possible from this method but you will definitely see fewer mosquitoes for 3 to 4 days.Build a home-made mosquito trap

Written by Seth Benson
5 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Kill Mosquitoes?

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