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My fav stops going to Sea Bright

Driving from Brandermill to Sea Bright make sure to first of all look in on Third Street Basketball Court for great training! Then pay a visit to PFC Angelo Giacobbe Memorial Park. It's good.

Go for it.

VA 23112
Our Ladys Chapel
Abell Creek Lane, Beauvue, MD 20650
Third Street Basketball Court
Lincoln Street, Denton, MD 21629
PFC Angelo Giacobbe Memorial Park
Ganttown Road, Prossers Mills, NJ 08012
Sea Bright
The best route to Sea Bright from Brandermill

Narrow stance leg press

Work your outer thigh muscles by bringing your feet closer together. To make this variation more quad dominant, place your narrow stance lower.

Also, note that you’re already focusing on the quad muscles by placing your feet closer together, which makes this an excellent variation for those who aim to build up this muscle in particular.

My stops from Lafayette to Columbia

Going to Columbia from Lafayette I suggest you first of all visit Aldi for a leg stretcher and some shopping. Next make a stop at Nationals Park, it is great!

NJ 07848
Lincoln Highway, Sadsbury Township, PA 19369
Nationals Park
1500 South Capitol Street Southeast, Washington, DC 20590
The best route to Columbia from Lafayette

Kill the mosquito larvae

You must know that water is the breeding place for mosquito larvae. Therefore, make sure to drain all the rain barrels, bird dishes, pet dishes, kiddie pools, and other containers with water. If there are other sources of water near your home, like a puddle, add an insecticide targeted at eradicating mosquito larvae.

However, make sure you read the labels on the insecticides before buying. Make sure that your pets and children are safe even if they drink the treated water. 

The best route to Tualatin from Salmon

Ok!, Driving to Tualatin from Salmon make sure to stop by Sorbenots Coffee to fill up some energy.

ID 83467
Sorbenots Coffee
809 Adams Avenue, La Grande, OR 97850
OR 97062
The best route to Tualatin from Salmon

Let me suggest this!

Driving from Golden to Dotsero make sure to visit Whistle Stop Cafe for a cup of coffee.

That's the one.

Whistle Stop Cafe
1400 Argentine Street, Georgetown, CO 80444
The best route to Dotsero from Golden

A nice way to Woodville from Richmond

If going from Richmond to Woodville first of all make a stop at Antique Caboose. It's great! Next look in on Blue Elbow Swamp. It's a nice stop.

TX 44769
Antique Caboose
Hare Road, Crosby, TX 77532
Tesla Supercharger
Nelson Road, Lake Charles, LA 70605
Blue Elbow Swamp
Boardwalk, Orange, TX
The best route to Woodville from Richmond

The best way from Aspinwall to Lockington

If driving to Lockington from Aspinwall first make a stop at Kroger for picking up a few things. Then stop by ice cream island for some scoops of delightful ice cream! Next stop by Camp Warsaw Field for great training. Next hit Waldo Pool for a nice experience. Finally look in on Holiday Inn Express for a pause!

100 St. Thomas Drive, Weirton, WV 26062
ice cream island
East Market Street, Cadiz, OH 43907
Camp Warsaw Field
Edgewood Drive, Warsaw, OH 43844
Waldo Pool
Baker Street, Waldo, OH
Holiday Inn Express
Allenby Drive, Marysville, OH 43040
The best route to Lockington from Aspinwall

To Lincoln Park from Cloverly

Going from Cloverly to Lincoln Park I suggest stop by Olive Garden to have some snacks and something to drink!

MD 20905
Olive Garden
Mars Road, Cranberry Township, PA 16046
Lincoln Park
MI 48146
The best route to Lincoln Park from Cloverly

My stops to Money Creek from Robinson

If driving from Robinson to Money Creek I suggest first of all stop by Jordan Creek Town Center for some hit and run shopping! Finally visit Logsdon's Grocery for great shopping.

Jordan Creek Town Center
101 South Jordan Creek Parkway, West Des Moines, IA 50266
Logsdon's Grocery
92 Main Street, Maxwell, IA 50161
Tesla Supercharger
1st Avenue North, Altoona, IA 50009
Money Creek
The best route to Money Creek from Robinson

Why not this trip?

While driving to Westphalia from Waterford this is my preferred way: first of all visit Lake City Drive-In for a cone of tasty ice cream. Next pay a visit to Manson Family Aquatic Center for a cool off in the pool!

MN 55057
Tesla Supercharger
East Plaza Street, Albert Lea, MN 56007
Lake City Drive-In
808 West Main Street, Lake City, IA 51449
Manson Family Aquatic Center
18th Avenue, Manson, IA 50563
IA 51578
The best route to Westphalia from Waterford

My stops going to Stockholm

When driving from Gloucester to Stockholm this is a good way: first hit Trafton Pinnacle, it is good! Then stop by Fredericka's for a tasty meal.

Trafton Pinnacle
Sherbrooke Avenue, Lewiston, ME 04240
Piscataquis, ME
The best route to Stockholm from Gloucester

These were my stops to Jim Thorpe from West Cape May

If driving from West Cape May to Jim Thorpe I suggest you pay a visit to Swim Club for a cool off in the pool!

West Cape May
Swim Club
East Broadway Avenue, Clifton Heights, PA 19018
Jim Thorpe
PA 18229
The best route to Jim Thorpe from West Cape May

A nice route to Sandy Valley

Going from Hawthorne to Sandy Valley this is my preferred way: make a stop at Cora M. Harper Fitness Center. It's great.

Cora M. Harper Fitness Center
South Barstow Road, Barstow, CA 92311
Sandy Valley
The best route to Sandy Valley from Hawthorne

Replace your cooking fats with coconut oil

Unlike some other fats, coconut oil boost metabolism and decrease your fat storage due to high- calories presence.

Coconut oil contains medium-chain fats unlike other fats like butter. Medium-chain fats boost your metabolism by 12% than other long-chain fats.

Coconut has a unique fatty acid profile, thus replacing it with your cooking fats may result in modest benefits for metabolism boost and weight loss.

I suggest this!

If driving from Oldtown to Peshastin I suggest first visit Morning Brew for a caffeine kick! Finally pay a visit to Dry Falls Overlook for a great experience.

Morning Brew
State Route 902, Medical Lake, WA 99022
Dry Falls Overlook
WA 17, Dry Falls Junction, WA 99115
WA 98847
The best route to Peshastin from Oldtown

Let me suggest this!

If going from Cygnet to Millington I suggest you hit Shoppers Marketplace for shopping.

See what you think!

Shoppers Marketplace
1571 Holmes Road, Charter Township of Ypsilanti, MI 48198
The best route to Millington from Cygnet

Bake in oven

You can bake the pasta in an oven. 20 minutes is enough for heating room temperature pastas. Simply put the pastas on a plate. Organize them in a thin layer so heat can be distributed evenly. Baking or any other heating process can make pasta lose its moisture and make them dry. You don’t want your pastas to be too dry. In order to avoid that you need to capture the moisture and slow down the drying process. Simply cover up the plate and pasta with an aluminum foil. It will retain the moisture.

These were my stops going to Providence

When driving from Colmar Manor to Providence this is a nice way.

Colmar Manor
J&H Car Charging Station
North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121
Smith Haven Mall
Smith Haven Mall, NY 11755
The best route to Providence from Colmar Manor

Why not this trip?

Ok!, Going to Utica from Low Moor make sure to first of all look in on Chateau Woods Pool for a quick swim in in the pool. Then hit Robinson's Horses. It's great!

Low Moor
IA 52757
Chateau Woods Pool
Ridgewood Lane, Dyer, IN 46311
Robinson's Horses
South East Street, Ridgeway, OH 43345
The best route to Utica from Low Moor

Reconnect with lost contacts

You might feel uncomfortable reaching out to people you have lost touch with or have not talked to for a long while. But, there is an easy way to break the ice. Send a message on LinkedIn by acknowledging the time gap with a brief like: "Hey, it's been a while since we last spoke, I hope you are staying in the light of the current circumstances." Making a habit of consistent communication is beneficial in the long run.


Make yourself laugh by cracking a silly joke. If you don’t have one in your mind, try reading it off a popsicle stick or a candy wrapper. This way you will not only be entertaining yourself but others around you too.

If you are at home, you can distract yourself by watching your favorite comedian or a video of an adorable animal making funny moves. Think of anything that makes you laugh- be it a person, an animal, a moment, or a joke.

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