Best Ways to Lead leaders


Empower instead of delegate

It is reasonable to feel reluctant while delegating, isn’t it? You always feel as though they won’t do it as well as you, or won’t do it the same way as you.

But guess what? That’s okay.

Get comfortable with the idea that they have leadership capabilities, just like you. Let them take care of the vital tasks assigned to them, while you concentrate on yours.

If you have worked for someone, think about how empowered you felt when they gave you the freedom to do things your own way.

Realize that your way is not always the best way. They might actually do it better than you.

Let them be in the driver’s seat, and be their safety net. 

Empower instead of delegate

Written by Sarah Patrick
1 year ago

Say 'yes' more often

Say “yes” way more than you say “no”. Say “yes” even when you’re not entirely sure about something. Saying “yes” instead of “I am not sure” fills the team with confidence and enhances their leadership abilities significantly. 

Written by Lonnie Rose
1 year ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Lead Leaders?

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