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Throw Rubber Snakes and Roaches in their Backyard

Upon seeing a rubber snake in the yard or in front of the house, they might skip a heartbeat which is why you must do this. They might think that it was a kid from the neighborhood who did it and they won’t find out it was you. (if they don’t have a spy camera).

Even if they have a spy camera, you can find a way to do it. If you see their car parked on the street, place the rubber snake near the driver’s seat. You can also get creative and use fake bills or slime.

Bring in some action

I make my girlfriend happy at night by leaving a sweet yet short note next to her pillow every single day. I try to avoid hilarious, pick-up lines as my girlfriend hates it. But I romanticize the aura by using love quotes. If your girl has trouble sleeping, you can make her a bedtime snack. I put chocolates on her pillows during that time of the month.

If you are best friends, you can even start a pillow fight. I have not had a pillow fight but we pamper each other every other night by rubbing backs. 

Use visual content

One of the most captivating presentations I had seen was before the pandemic occurred and it is safe to say that I will never forget it, ever. The presenter or the employee of my company was explaining risk management principles and he used the Road Runner cartoon to elaborate it in a better way.

Moreover, he also had supporting visual elements such as graphs, stuffed animal characters pointing at important statistics, and Acme rockets to draw attention to the bullet points. The visual content definitely made the content more engaging and interesting. 

Exchange Photos

You don’t need an extraordinary photo to get them to like you. To show them that you have a simple human life, send them a picture of you, your friends, your dog, or even a messy study room that you are cleaning to add more emotion to your conversation. This can also help them build trust and get them to like you. If the person you talk to loves dogs, send them interesting pictures of your dog more often.

Exchange Photos

Exhibit confidence

Even if you’re not naturally confident, it’s hard to fake it and difficult to distinguish. In essence, confidence communicates to the other person that you’re already convinced that you’re going to get whatever is in question, and subtly nudges the opposite person to let you have it.

However, like with everything, balance is key. Overconfidence may come off as arrogance and turn the other person off. 

Exhibit confidence

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