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The best way to Port Angeles

When driving from Roosevelt to Port Angeles I suggest you stop at Paradise Inn for a tasty meal.

Paradise Inn
52807 Skyline Trail, Paradise, WA
Port Angeles
WA 98362
The best route to Port Angeles from Roosevelt

A good trip from Glennville to Indiantown

If driving from Glennville to Indiantown stop at Searstown Mall for a leg stretcher!

Town Center Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32246-6624
Searstown Mall
Narvaez Drive, Titusville, FL 32780
FL 34956
The best route to Indiantown from Glennville

A nicer way to London

While driving from Hertford to London first of all make a stop at Milton Baptist Church, it is good! Next visit Discover Damascus for getting yourself some small treats :-).

See what you think.

Milton Baptist Church
Bridge Street, Milton, NC 27305
Discover Damascus
128 East Laurel Avenue, Damascus, VA 24236
KY 40741
The best route to London from Hertford

Why not this trip?

While driving from Oil City to Texas City I suggest first pay a visit to International Boundary Marker. It is a nice stop! After that visit Subway for a some food. After that stop by Checkers for a bite.

Oil City
LA 71061
International Boundary Marker
Farm-to-Market Road 31, Galloway, LA
South Magnolia Street, Woodville, TX 75979
TX 146, Grand Cane, TX
Texas City
The best route to Texas City from Oil City

To North Richland Hills with a stop for a place worth some time

Driving to North Richland Hills from Guy I suggest first visit Blue Haze Vista. It's great! After that make a stop at Paris Fitness & Aquatics.

A good one.

AR 72061
Blue Haze Vista
Skyline Drive, Rich Mountain, AR 71953
Paris Fitness & Aquatics
1025 Deshong Drive, Paris, TX 75460
North Richland Hills
The best route to North Richland Hills from Guy

From Palmyra to Spencer

When going from Palmyra to Spencer I suggest first of all visit Nathan Plaza for a leg stretcher. Then visit Best Rest Inn & Suites for the night! Finally pay a visit to Pizza Ranch for a some food!

WI 53156
Nathan Plaza
Selch Avenue, Town of Bridgeport, WI 53821
Best Rest Inn & Suites
108 State Highway 150, West Union, IA 52175
Pizza Ranch
South Monroe Avenue, Mason City, IA 50401
IA 51301
The best route to Spencer from Palmyra

The way to Tower City

Going from Chester to Tower City a way would be to first of all visit Kittattiny Beach, it is good! Next stop at Subway to have some snacks and something to drink. After that hit Burger King for a great dinner.

Kittattiny Beach
East Shore Trail, Culvers Inlet, NJ 07826
1703 US 209, Brodheadsville, PA 18322
Burger King
109 Center Street, Tamaqua, PA 18252
Tower City
The best route to Tower City from Chester

Practice in the Playground

If you're really looking to get better at the game, shooting, and building both, all you need is practice. Instead of hopping right into a game, first, go ahead and practice in the Playground. It gives you a chance to really hone your skills and get used to the dual dynamic of Fortnite that forces you to build and shoot at the same time. Give it a few hours of practice. The game will feel substantially easier after that.

Greasy Fans

The ceiling fan in your kitchen is probably greasy and needs some extra effort at cleaning. To clear up the build-up grease, use paper towels or microfiber cloth to clean the blades. Loose grime should come out with a dry cloth. Remove as much grease as you can with a dry cloth. Mix some grease-cutting dishwashing liquid in some water and grab a soft sponge to scrub and remove the grease. Avoid using too much water to avoid the risk of electric shock. Do not use steel wool for cleaning because it will scratch the surface of the blades.

Greasy Fans

From Cockrell Hill to Sentinel

Driving from Cockrell Hill to Sentinel make sure to first make a stop at La Quinta Inn & Suites for a pause! Finally hit Lil Dis Lil Dat for getting yourself some small treats :-).

Cockrell Hill
TX 75211
La Quinta Inn & Suites
1405 South Highway 287, Decatur, TX 76234
Lil Dis Lil Dat
Main Street, Nocona, TX 76255
First Baptist East Lawton
Southeast Lee Boulevard, Lawton, OK 73501
The best route to Sentinel from Cockrell Hill

Why not this trip?

Driving from Arthur to Smithfield pay a visit to Baseline Road. It's good.

Baseline Road
Plummer, IN 47424
The best route to Smithfield from Arthur

These were my stops going to Burton

While going from Homer to Burton first visit Tim Hortons for a little something to eat. Next hit Arby's for a nice meal!

Tim Hortons
3878 Southwestern Boulevard, Orchard Park, NY 14127
Wellington Road South, London, ON N6E 1W1
The best route to Burton from Homer

The best trip from Bronson to Hartford City

Driving to Hartford City from Bronson this is a good way: first of all make a stop at Objects of Desire for a leg stretcher. After that visit Robinson's Horses for training! Then visit Hallmark for some hit and run shopping!

Good one!

MI 49028-1308
Objects of Desire
West Front Street, Findlay, OH 45840
Robinson's Horses
South East Street, Ridgeway, OH 43345
Winchester Boulevard, Canal Winchester, OH 43110
Hartford City
The best route to Hartford City from Bronson

My fav stops from Greencastle to South Lyon

Driving to South Lyon from Greencastle I suggest first of all visit Pizza King for a bite. Next stop by Matter Park Baseball Field, it is good!

IN 46135
Pizza King
49 West Canal Street, Wabash, IN 46992
Matter Park Baseball Field
North River Road, Shady Hills, IN 46952
South Lyon
The best route to South Lyon from Greencastle

A nicer trip to St. John from La Center

Driving to St. John from La Center make sure to first of all look in on West Valley Fitness, it is good! Finally stop at Yakima Athletic Club, it is great.

La Center
West Valley Fitness
208 South 72nd Avenue, Yakima, WA 98908
Yakima Athletic Club
2501 Racquet Lane, Yakima, WA 98902
Roca De La Salvacion
Selkirk Avenue Southwest, Mattawa, WA 99349
St. John
The best route to St. John from La Center

From Palestine to Yonah with a stop for some ice cream

If going to Yonah from Palestine this is a nice way: first stop by Dixon Cave, it is worth it. Then hit Sweet Beans for some awesome frozen yoghurt! Next visit "Roger Woody" football field.

Dixon Cave
Mammoth Cave, KY
Sweet Beans
Shelby Street, Jamestown, KY 42629
"Roger Woody" football field
Main Street, Crab Orchard, TN 37723
GA 30358
The best route to Yonah from Palestine

A nicer trip to New Auburn

If going from Little Sauk to New Auburn I suggest you first of all stop by Dairy Queen to have some snacks and something to drink! Then make a stop at KFC for something handy to eat.

Little Sauk
Dairy Queen
10th Avenue, Milaca, MN 56353
US Highway 8, St. Croix Falls, WI 54024
New Auburn
The best route to New Auburn from Little Sauk

A good route to Sodus

When going to Sodus from Ackley I suggest visit Family Affair for a tasty meal.

IA 50601
Tesla Supercharger
South Cherryvale Mall Drive, Cherry Valley, IL 61016
Family Affair
West Galena Avenue, Freeport, IL 61032
EV Charger (Electric Car Parking)
West Illinois Avenue, Palatine, IL 60067
MI 49126
The best route to Sodus from Ackley

From Winfield to Snook with some some shopping added

If going from Winfield to Snook I suggest you first stop at Downtown Historic District. It is a great stop! Secondly hit Walmart Supercenter for some hit and run shopping. Finally look in on Athens Fitness Gym for some sweating.

TX 75493
Downtown Historic District
North Johnson Street, Mineola, TX 75773
Walmart Supercenter
2223 Old Elkhart Road, Palestine, TX 75801
Athens Fitness Gym
710 East Tyler Street, Athens, TX 75751
TX 77878
The best route to Snook from Winfield


Healthy gut bacteria can be good for so many reasons. They improve your immune system and have many mental and physical health benefits. Probiotics in yogurt, yeast, kimchi, Kombucha, and Kefir can not only improve your health but can also help you lose fat. Eat a low-calorie and concentrated probiotic diet to lose body fat naturally.


A nice trip to Cement City

While going to Cement City from Holmen I suggest you stop at Yo Factory for some awesome sorbet.

Yo Factory
2203 North Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Cement City
The best route to Cement City from Holmen

These were my stops going to Hollywood Park

When driving from Justin to Hollywood Park a way would be to first of all stop by Pizza Hut for a great lunch. Secondly hit Burger King for a lunch or dinner! Next make a stop at Site: 065, Loop: Hors for some horses!

Pizza Hut
Southwest Big Bend Trail, Glen Rose, TX 76043
Burger King
2733 Highway 36 Business, Gatesville, TX 76528
Site: 065, Loop: Hors
Loop: Hors, Equestrian and Nature Trail, Benbrook, TX 76126
Hollywood Park
The best route to Hollywood Park from Justin

Take Science’s Assistance

If having a girl child is your top priority and you want immediate results. Science is what you need. Any other method will not give as evident results like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization Method), you can select the sex of your baby and they will implant the desired embryo into the mother’s uterus. But this method is obviously expensive. If you really want a girl and have the ability to spend, then go for this method.

My stops to Cowen from Fairfield

Going to Cowen from Fairfield this is my preferred way: first of all visit Black Bass Hotel for a night. Secondly hit Hanover LIttle League! Next stop at The Goats of Moors Evil. I liked it a lot.

Simple and sweet!

Black Bass Hotel
3774 River Road, Solebury Township, PA 18933
Hanover LIttle League
Park Street, Penn Township, PA 17331
The Goats of Moors Evil
Corridor H, Meadow, WV 26836
WV 26206
The best route to Cowen from Fairfield

A nice way to Redland from Sandycreek Township

Last time I went from Sandycreek Township to Redland this was the way I went.

Sandycreek Township
Indiana Mall
Warren Road, White Township, PA 15701
Main Horse Arena
Ag Progress Main Entrance Road, Rockspring, PA 16865
The best route to Redland from Sandycreek Township

A good trip to Howe from Gilbert

Going to Howe from Gilbert I suggest you first of all stop by Stillwater Stables. It's good! After that visit Holiday Inn Express & Suites Sidney for the night.

Stillwater Stables
1465 North Webb Road, Oakland, OH 45177
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Sidney
Folkerth Avenue, Sidney, OH 45365
IN 46746
The best route to Howe from Gilbert

I suggest this!

Driving to Jamestown from Eddystone first visit CCs Pizza for a something delicious to eat. After that stop at Moe's Southwest Grill for a delicious meal! Next hit Ruby Tuesday for something handy to eat.

Try it!

PA 19022
CCs Pizza
West Penn Avenue, Wernersville, PA 19565
Moe's Southwest Grill
Nina Drive, Hummels Wharf, PA 17876
Ruby Tuesday
Hogan Boulevard, Mill Hall, PA 17751
St Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church
West Main Street, Smethport, PA 16730
The best route to Jamestown from Eddystone

These were my stops going to Eldridge

While going to Eldridge from Oshawa this is a nice way: first of all visit CCM Wellness Center to get that body going (much needed when sitting in a car for the whole day). Then stop by Taco John's for a great lunch!

CCM Wellness Center
16th Street, Montevideo, MN 56265
Taco John's
119th Street, Sisseton, SD 57262
The best route to Eldridge from Oshawa

From Buena Park to Atherton

When going to Atherton from Buena Park this is my preferred way: first of all make a stop at PJ Fresh for a some food! After that pay a visit to Best Western Kettleman City Inn & Suites for some food. After that stop at Atascadero Factory Outlet Mall for some shopping!

Y.M.M.V. Though

Buena Park
PJ Fresh
42810 Frazier Mountain Park Road, Gorman, CA 92343
Best Western Kettleman City Inn & Suites
Powers Drive, Kettleman Station, CA 93239
Atascadero Factory Outlet Mall
El Camino Real, Atascadero, CA 93422
CA 94027
The best route to Atherton from Buena Park

The best trip to Buckeystown from Northampton

Going from Northampton to Buckeystown I suggest you make a stop at Hot Dog Johnnys to grab a bite.

Hot Dog Johnnys
US 46, Oxford, NJ 07829
MD 21717
The best route to Buckeystown from Northampton

A nicer route to Rockport from West Boylston

Going to Rockport from West Boylston make sure to first visit Market Basket for a leg stretcher. Secondly visit Lucky Clover Stables, it is great! Lastly stop at Wild Oats Bakery for something handy to eat!

West Boylston
MA 01583
Market Basket
Plaistow Road, Plastow, NH 03865
Lucky Clover Stables
308 Grammar Road, Sanford, ME 04073
Wild Oats Bakery
25 Burbank Avenue, Brunswick, ME 04011
The best route to Rockport from West Boylston

From Levant to Franklin with some a place worth some time added

When going to Franklin from Levant this is a good way: first look in on Days Ferry Historic District for a leg stretcher! After that visit Tuscan Market for a quick bite.

ME 04456
Days Ferry Historic District
Woolwich, ME 04579
Tuscan Market
Daniel Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801
The best route to Franklin from Levant

Skip foreign objects

You might have seen this in movies or serials that a character is stopping a nosebleed with tissue or tampon. That is incorrect. Do not pack your nose with any items as it can make the bleeding worse.

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