Best Ways to Stop nosebleeds


Skip foreign objects

You might have seen this in movies or serials that a character is stopping a nosebleed with tissue or tampon. That is incorrect. Do not pack your nose with any items as it can make the bleeding worse.

Written by Benny West
1 year ago

Check your blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, it can cause nose bleeds. If you have suffered from a nose bleed a few times in a short while, seek medical advice. There can be a possibility that you have high blood pressure. 

Written by Eugene Shaw
2 years ago

Avoid exertion

Once the nosebleed has stopped, do not blow your nose for two days. Take it easy and relax. Also, avoid any heavy lifting or physical activities for two weeks. Your nose needs time to heal and recover.

Written by Clayton Bell
5 months ago

Pinch Your Nose

Nosebleeds can easily frighten you and the people around you but they are mostly not a serious problem or due to underlying serious issues. If you experience nose bleeds, it is recommended to sit down and use a tissue to soak up the blood. Gently pinch the soft part of your nose in the middle and wait for a few minutes. If the nose bleed does not stop after 15 minutes, seek medical advice.

Written by Heather Vasquez
1 month ago

Keep calm and lean forward

Nose bleeds can look scary, but they are not dangerous. So, keep calm and don’t be worried. Lean forward and if there is blood in your mouth, spit it out. Do not swallow it. Also, stay upright. If you tilt your head or lay on a flat surface, you can choke on your blood. The blood in the stomach can cause vomiting as well.

Written by Dennis Burke
7 days ago

Apply an Ice Pack

An ice pack can help constrict the blood vessels and avoid bleeding. Use a towel to enclose some ice cubes and apply them to the bridge of your nose. Keep the ice pack on the nose for a little while. Nose bleeds can be a result of blood-thinning medicines or heat stroke. If you have an underlying condition such as anemia, hemophilia, or nose bleeds that are happening too often, you should see a doctor.

Written by Alfredo Richardson
9 months ago

Try a spray

One of the best ways to stop nosebleeds is by using a spray. Apply three sprays of Afrin or any decongestant nose spray into the side that is bleeding. It will comfort you for the time being.

Written by Miguel Greene
1 year ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Stop Nosebleeds?

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