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Have a documented succession plan

A good story is for emotional attachment. You need it to get investors interested in your idea. Once that step is completed, you have to pursue the logical part of their brain. Your startup should have a brilliant business plan and succession plan in place. It shows that you are aware and prepared for the problems you will be facing in the future. It mitigates the risk factor of investing in your company.

A succession plan is to let the investors know who will replace you in terms of your absence. It shows you are serious about the growth and future of the company.

Use a head mop and microfiber cloth

Wall dusting is not as necessary as you think. They can be fine without dusting. But even if you want to dust them, then the simplest way of using a head mop with microfiber cloth is the best way to do it. Spill a little bit of water on the cloth before dusting. Companies will market expensive products and liquid solutions and deem them necessary for wall dusting. But really they are not necessary, just a waste of money. So do not buy any expensive products for wall dusting.

Describing someone's mannerism

Someone’s mannerism is the way they act or speak. Do they touch their hair while talking? Do they move their arms a lot while speaking? Do they bite their lip? These are personality quirks and manners. Other such examples are rubbing their hand on the back of the neck when they are thinking hard or rolling their eyes when they are sarcastic.

Pepper Flakes

The authentic pasta is a little spicy because it has some red chili flakes that add hotness to it. To spice up the pasta, add some pasta flakes when you are cooking pasta sauce. Don’t use more than half a teaspoon for a serving of two if you are not used to eating spices. You can also taste the food to know if you should add some more.

Pepper Flakes

Try minoxidil

Minoxidil is the only proven beard growth activator backed by science. Thai researchers report that applying a 3% minoxidil solution on a man’s face showed significant hair growth. The reasons why minoxidil promotes beard hair growth are still unknown but all the research studies conclude that 3% minoxidil in the solution is enough for beard enhancement.

More than 50,000 people in the US are buying the over-the-counter beard growth serum. The after and before beard pictures that the manufacturer is posting are quite impressive. 

Don’t fake it

Teachers are not fools. They have been students and they know all the tricks that you are thinking of. They will know when you don't fully understand the essay topic and when you are just rambling around to increase the length of your essay. Don't use fluff to bulk up the essay. Instead, ensure that whatever you are writing adds meaning to the essay. If it is not required, cut it down. Most teachers would prefer a well-written essay that does not meet the word length than read an essay with 80 percent fluff.

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