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Prepare Yourself Mentally

There is no relationship that you can end happily but that does not mean you should stay in the relationship. Think about how getting out of this relationship will improve your life. Be clear of what you want, if you want to avoid a yo-yo relationship, button-up and do it.

Acknowledge that you love the person or loved them and they were important. Prepare yourself for the pain and trauma that will follow. Try to make the process as simple as possible and stop delaying it. If you want to take some time to think about it, distance yourself from them and figure out what you want to do.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Themed rows

Organize your apps around a central theme. You can assign each row its theme. For example, you can have a frequently used row, a social media row, a music and video row, a row that has apps on travel, games, another row for shopping, sports, health, etc.

Adjust your sleeping position

Sometimes snoring can be caused by something as simple as sleep posture. If you usually sleep on your back, try sleeping on your side.

When you sleep on your back, the muscles in your throat relax and block your nasal passages, making it harder to breathe. Sleeping on your side opens up your airways and can help stop your snoring altogether.

Drop a few pounds

High blood pressure is often a result of excess weight. To make matters worse, this additional weight can disrupt your breathing when you’re asleep (a condition known as sleep apnea), and further increase your blood pressure.

Drop a few pounds

Losing weight could be a very effective way to bring your blood pressure under control. Generally, a 1kg (2.2 pounds) drop in your weight will translate to a drop of 1mmHg or 1 millimeter of mercury in your blood pressure.  

You should also keep an eye out for your waistline and not let it breach a certain threshold. Men with a waist measurement of over 40-inches and women with a waist measurement of over 35-inches tend to be at an increased risk of high blood pressure. 


If your blood pressure is high, immediately stop stressing or shouting. If you are standing, sit down and try to relax. If you want to lie down, find a comfortable position and lie there. Drink water and let your heart rate come to a normal pace. 

If you want to exit a stressful situation, quietly exit. Don’t overthink and try to involve yourself in doing something else. Meditate or practice mindfulness. 


Letter Magnets

Most students, especially really young ones, like to learn with things they can physically touch and manipulate. Paper and pencil won't always keep them as engaged as they could be. Letter magnets on your fridge make reading and spelling more accessible to your kids. They will begin to associate letters with words. Being able to use the magnets with their own hands keeps them engaged and interested. It can also be helpful for learning vowel sounds.

Use online job databases

The best way to look for a job in today's digital age is by searching online for open positions in your area. There are a variety of websites that offer services that may be helpful during your job search. You can choose between sites like LinkedIn and Indeed as well as ZipRecruiter. Using these sites, you can apply for jobs and upload your resume to network with other professionals in your area.

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