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Quit cigarettes

Women smokers are more prone to the risk of infertility. Besides, smoking also significantly increases the chances of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and complications while you’re pregnant.

Quit cigarettes

Quitting tobacco is not important for the father too, because smoking deteriorates their sperm quality. Also, second-hand smoke harms women’s health and fertility just as much as smoking herself. 

The Blackmail Method

Telling your family that you got pregnant (especially at a younger age) is an absolute nightmare for any female. The fear of raising a kid alone is like an axe hovering above your head. In this situation, if you’re looking for the support of your family but are too scared to tell them, there is a ‘blackmail’ method that can help you out. Instead of telling them verbally, show them a picture of your ultrasound. Seeing a baby growing in a photo is priceless and it can melt even the toughest of hearts. 

Take Interest in His Hobbies

If your boyfriend likes to watch soccer, play video games or ride a bike, do it with him. You might not be good at the activity but learning it can be a whole lot of fun. Ask him to teach you and he will be equally; happy and surprised to be accompanied by you.

Discounted Cash Flows

Many savvy investors value a company based on discounted cash flows. The investors estimate the cash flows that are cash remainders after deduction of interest, taxes, and expenses. This amount is distributed among the shareholders and is called the dividend. The investors calculate the cash flows that move in and out of the business.

Estimating the future cash flows and then discounting them to the current period provides an estimate of the value of the investment to the investors. 

Refrain from using social media

Social media can be pure poison as each scrolling session can take you to the old times and your ex’s profile. Stalking your ex to know if she’s happy or not can break your heart. While unfollowing your ex is a little harsh, prioritize your mental health and block her anyway. If you do not have the heart to block her, you can hit the ‘take a break’ button on Facebook and their posts won’t appear on your timeline. However, you will still need a strong will to stop yourself from checking her profile. Refrain from using social media

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