Best Ways to Get over a breakup


Refrain from using social media

Social media can be pure poison as each scrolling session can take you to the old times and your ex’s profile. Stalking your ex to know if she’s happy or not can break your heart. While unfollowing your ex is a little harsh, prioritize your mental health and block her anyway. If you do not have the heart to block her, you can hit the ‘take a break’ button on Facebook and their posts won’t appear on your timeline. However, you will still need a strong will to stop yourself from checking her profile. Refrain from using social media

Written by Carolyn Hicks
1 year ago

Make plans with your friends

The end of a relationship can be painful. You are left with a lot of free time that you don't know what to do with. Instead of letting yourself wallow, make plans with friends. It's much easier to go through tough times with loved ones by your side. Odds are you might have neglected them during your relationship and they'd love to hear from you. Spend the next few weeks making memories, traveling, exploring with your closest friends. After the initial pain of the breakup dies away, you will realize it might have been a blessing in disguise.

Written by Brian Dyer
3 months ago

Find a new hobby

The time after a breakup can be full of new and exciting opportunities. Instead of staying at home feeling sad, do something with the extra time you have. Start a new book, get a gym membership, find a new coffee spot that you love. As long as you find something that you love doing, you're heading in the right direction. Once the pain of the breakup subsides, you will have a hobby that you feel invested in because it's something that you are doing just for you. Find a new hobby

Written by Sammy Hawkins
3 months ago

Cry it out

If you’re still dealing with a fresh breakup, you need to give yourself time to feel the feelings you are experiencing. It won’t help to keep them bottled up. Give yourself a few days to cry and feel sorry for yourself. Eat all the ice cream you want, lay in bed, watch sad movies. Do whatever is going to make you feel better in that moment. However, the next step is getting up, washing your face and starting to move on with the rest of your life.

Written by Lillie Burnett
1 month ago

Talk about it

While some people prefer to suffer the pain of their breakup alone, some of us know that we feel better if we at least talk about it. Sometimes, talking about a breakup to a friend is a great way to detox from everything that happened. Another person can also give you a different perspective of the situation that you might not have thought about. Either way, it can be really helpful to vent. However, once you've talked about it, do your best to let go.

Written by Annette Kelley
23 hours ago

Create a playlist

Music uplifts your mood, which is why it is considered one of the best post-parting essentials. Whether you find yourself overeating or crying your heart out in front of the mirror, let the music heal you. Add whatever song you like to the playlist. However, listening to sad music can help you overcome the breakup faster. If the moody songs do not comfort and soothe you, listen to energizing jams that make you feel better about your existence. Create a playlist

Written by Sonia Harris
11 months ago

Talk to someone you trust

Everybody processes breakups in different ways. Some people don’t like to talk about their feelings and prefer being left alone after a hard breakup. Others feel a tugging need to talk about what is happening to them even if it is just so that someone will listen to them. If this is you, go to someone that you trust and tell them what you are feelings. They may be able to give you some valuable insight or a different perspective that you hadn’t thought of before.

Written by Andrea Golden
2 years ago

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