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Use a cleaner with a disinfectant spray

ULINE is an odorless, fast-acting, and easy-to-use disinfectant gym mat cleaning spray. The biggest benefit of using this spray is that you do not have to dilute it with water. Besides the gym mats, you can also use the spray on any exercise equipment after use.

Another option is Ecore at Home Enviro care neutral disinfectant spray. It cleans a variety of surfaces. However, you have to use a mop, sponge, or cloth to ensure your gym mats are clean and bacteria-free. 

Avoid a phone call

Unless you are confident enough to convince your boss or employer over the phone, avoid it at any cost. Avoid a direct conversation with your employer if he does not let the employees have sick leaves. Rather than calling him, you can leave a text or send a proper email.

If your boss prefers a phone call, try to call him in the morning when he has no work pressure. Other than that, calling him in the morning increases your chance to leave the call on voice mail. This way, you would not be speaking to your employer directly. 


A tri-fold towel sits neat and tidy on the shelf. Here is how you can fold it.

-       Lay the towel on the flat surface with its tag facing up.

-       Fold a corner of the towel inside for two-third of the way. Fold across the short-side of the towel.

-       Use your hand to smooth down the length of the towel.

-       Repeat the same steps on the other side of the towel. But, only fold over the first third.

-       The towel should look long and skinny.

-       Now fold the towel in half.

-       Repeat the step.

-       Display the towel with the folded edge facing outward.



This is the easiest way to preserve tomatoes until you’re ready to use them in one of your delicious recipes. The best part? You don’t need to peel the tomatoes before freezing. If anything, freezing them will make it delightfully easy to peel those tomatoes.


Juicier tomatoes are the most suitable for freeze storing. However, it’s best to use them in recipes that require cooking the tomatoes because they probably won’t look very nice in a salad after they are defrosted.

Don’t send multiple texts in a row

Don’t send multiple texts in a row

Waiting for a reply is very frustrating, but don’t turn off everything by sending multiple texts. Sending someone multiple texts means you don’t have a life and you are not an interesting person at all.

A person having an interesting life would never waste his time in sending multiple texts in a row. Similarly, long texts should also be avoided. Multiple texts put a lot of pressure on the guy, creping them out. Moreover, it makes you look desperate.

Try a pimple patch

If you’re looking to quickly conceal a few breakouts without putting on any makeup, I recommend trying a pimple patch. These have become very popular in the skincare industry. Essentially, they act as a barrier to protect the breakout and help it heal faster. Hydrocolloid patches also help draw out the nasty stuff. Personally, I love the Mighty Patch Invisible patches for when I need something on the go. I use them at the gym to keep pimples hidden and avoid irritation caused by my mask.

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