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Make eye contact

Let your eyes do the talking. Your eyes are the window to your soul, and I agree. This is one of the most intimate ways to spice up your marriage for an entire lifetime. And I don't mean a glance at the dinner table. Dig deep and lock your eyes during conversations. Sit or sleep face to face and look into the eyes, see their eye color, and try to figure out how they are feeling right now.

Try affiliate marketing

I have a good presence on Instagram. I have a public account with about 1 million followers. My interest lies in tech devices and so, I started to review them back in 2016. In no time I had enough followers to make my website and promote different products and services (all relevant to my niche) to get a good profit cut.

 Just include the affiliate links in your blog and Instagram posts. Whenever someone clicks and makes a purchase through your website, you become eligible to receive a commission fee from the affiliated company. 

Keep it short and sweet

When you’re complimenting your girlfriend, ensure that you do it succinctly. Blabbering on and on about the same thing might distract her from the real compliment.

For example, tell her, “You were so wonderful out there on the stage,” and then move on to other things. Any unnecessary commentary might make her forget about your compliment, so always remember that a compliment must be short and sweet.

Keep it short and sweet

Use a Rust Penetrant

Rust penetrants, as the name suggests, are great at getting rid of rust. Products like WD-40 are pretty deep and can be put into small holes and crevices in your rust. Plus, they save you a lot of effort that you would have to spend scrubbing.

Use the Right Equipment

Before you start teaching a kid about the basics of using a toilet, it's important they get some practice on the right equipment. Buy a child-sized potty that your toddler can use freely and feel more secure. This keeps them safe from the intimidation of falling in the toilet, which a lot of kids have.

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