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Let the Tears Flow

Crying is a form of mourning, and it isn't, by any means, synonymous with being weak. Crying proves nothing other than the fact that you're having difficulty dealing with whatever is going on. Moreover, it's a normal response to sadness, and you're not the only one in the world who is going through that. Do not think that crying means you're weaker than others. Similarly, if you aren't crying, this doesn't mean you're not in grief. People have lots of different ways of grieving their loss. Not crying may be one of them.

Avoiding Unncessary Medical Attention

Aspiration pneumonia is a chronic breathing disorder that is particularly common among older people. It usually occurs after some sort of surgery or after a sudden trauma. While medical help is advised during most breathing issues, it's not in aspiration pneumonia. The best practice is to avoid medical remedies until absolutely necessary. The medicine you're consuming should never affect the flow of swallowing or saliva. Moreover, tube-feeding should be avoided. Hand-feeding is a much better and safer alternative.

Press Publishing

Press publishing takes a lot of burden off your shoulders and ensures that all the marketing for your book is being done by professionals. If you want to maximize the potential of your success, it's sort of necessary to go with a press. However, this will take away a lot of the royalties and the majority of the creative control you have over your book. Writers passionate about their book and their story usually don't go for press publishers.

Adjust the microphone

Podcast is all about the audio. The richer the audio quality is, the better it sounds. That is why it is always important to equip a high-quality microphone. But it is not the only thing that is important. You will need to properly adjust the microphone. There are certain ways to do that. First thing to do is set it at the same height as your mouth. Then you need to put the pop filter in place. Finally determine the right distance between you and the microphone. That way you will be able to bring rich audio quality in your podcast.

Slice the Onion Lengthwise and Widthwise

Cut and peel the papery skin of the onion. Halve the onion and start cutting the onion into slices lengthwise. Once the slices are made lengthwise, turn it 90 degrees and start slicing widthwise to get a diced onion. If you want to mince the onion, make slices thinner or keep chopping when the onion is diced.

Slice the Onion Lengthwise and Widthwise

Sleeping position

Sleeping with a blocked nose can be quite challenging sometimes. A blocked nose affects your ability to sleep so to help you sleep what you need to do is to change your sleeping position.

Laying down flat makes mucus to build up that helps to completely block your nose and disturb sleep. Therefore, to get maximum comfort and rest in these times, it is best to lay down straight back while keeping your head higher than the rest of the body by using an extra pillow or two.Sleeping position

Optimize room temperature

Your body starts to drop its temperature prior to bedtime in order to prep for sleep. Optimizing your room temperature and keeping it between 60 to 67°F will help you feel comfy so you can fall asleep.

If it’s summertime, use an AC/fan, or use a heater if it’s winter. If you’re anything like me, you’ll also appreciate the white noise that these appliances make.

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