Best Ways to Reset sleep schedule


Manage light exposure

When you’re exposed to light, your brain stops the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone). This helps you feel alert and awake. On the other hand, when you’re in the dark, your brain feels it's time to hit the hay and starts producing melatonin, which makes you drowsy.

Manage light exposure

If you’re having trouble waking up, open the curtains, go for a walk, or sip on some coffee standing on the balcony. Exposure to sunlight will tell your brain it’s time to wake up.

If you’re having trouble going to bed on time, make sure you limit your exposure to light a few hours before bedtime by dimming the lights and staying away from blue light-emitting devices such as a smartphone, TV, and computer screen.

Written by Jeffrey Bush
3 months ago

Skip the power nap

If your sleep cycle is already messed up, it’s best to avoid power naps during the day. Any napping during the daytime is going to make it more difficult for you to fall asleep at night.

If you absolutely must nap – try to keep the duration under 30 minutes and make it a rule to conclude all naps before 3 pm so it doesn’t interfere with your nighttime sleep.

Skip the power nap

Written by Raphael Grant
5 months ago

Optimize room temperature

Your body starts to drop its temperature prior to bedtime in order to prep for sleep. Optimizing your room temperature and keeping it between 60 to 67°F will help you feel comfy so you can fall asleep.

If it’s summertime, use an AC/fan, or use a heater if it’s winter. If you’re anything like me, you’ll also appreciate the white noise that these appliances make.

Written by Dan Taylor
2 months ago

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