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Drink More Water

Although, there is no evidence on how your overall skin improves with more water it certainly does help make your skin elastic and hydrated. For a glowing complexion and radiant skin, drink more than 2 liters of water each day. Keep a bottle of water near you and drink up whenever you feel a little thirsty. Eating fruits and vegetables can also help increase the water intake.

Don’t Over text

When you are into someone, you might think about them all day and send them texts every 20 minutes. However, this is not a great idea because you might appear too energy-draining and needy to them. Talk to them once or twice a day and don’t share every small day. Offer to meet them in person. If they live away plan to visit them.

Don’t Over text

For grandma, again

Is this your second child? Writing again on any of the sayings or gifts will have the same effect. For your first child, if you have given a note like, "Congratulations, you are going to be a grandma!" This time you can write, "Congratulations, you are going to be a grandma, again!" Believe me, she will be just as happy as the first time.

Reason through your stress

While it’s excellent if you can talk it out with someone, you probably wouldn’t do that if you're anything like me. The next best thing, then, is to reason through the stressful situation.

Identify the reason for your stress, understand what you can do to fix it, and always know that everything will be okay. If you don’t know how to fix it, skip to the last step and tell yourself everything will be okay. Because stressing about it sure isn’t going to fix it.

Vacuum and Clean with Olive Oil

Sometimes dusting with a cloth is not enough. I have an old dresser at my house that often becomes really dusty because of its very small and fine hand carvings. Once a month I pull it away from the wall and vacuum it from all sides and the back. Then I use a wet cloth to remove the dust and for a neat finish, I use a small cotton cloth dipped in some olive oil. Olive oil makes the wooden furniture look good as new with a glossy layer that also protects it.

Remember to use very little oil because a lot of oil will attract dust to the wood surface and make it a greasy mess. You can also mix one-part naphtha with olive oil to make the mixture thin and keep the wooden surfaces grease-free.

Just as Easy as Traditional Manure

Horse manure can seem intimidating but it’s quite the opposite. They require the same process like the traditional manure .The process is quite simple and in fact doesn’t require any extra effort. Simple digging or lifting tools like shovel and pitchfork can be used to lift the horse dung and collect in a pile. This pile has to be kept moist by putting on the right amount of water. Additionally if the pile is swiveled around every day it will be ready in about 3 months. The manure will lose its smell and will be ready to use!

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