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Exercise Early Morning

Exercising first thing after you wake up can boost your mood for the next 12 hours. Engaging in physical activity for as little as 15 minutes goes a long way to decrease daily stress. It reduces anxiety, improves blood pressure, and helps to restore the natural sleeping pattern. The majority of people have trouble sleeping in the winter season. Going for a dog walk, a jog, or a morning bike ride will not only keep you fresh and energized throughout the day but will also help you sleep early.Exercise Early Morning

Don’t go grocery shopping without a list

Take care of two things before going grocery shopping: Never go to the grocery store hungry and make sure to prepare a list beforehand. Not knowing what to buy makes room for impulse grocery shopping. On the other hand, going with an empty tummy can increase your impulses and you might shop more than expected.

Make sure you do not put your guard down to your impulses. Plan the grocery list ahead. By doing this, not only would you be shopping for healthier items but you will also save money in the process. 

Reduce Oxygen exposure

No matter what you are storing, Oxygen can easily deteriorate them. So in order to ensure long storage life, you must reduce Oxygen exposure with the grains. An airtight plastic container or a simple plastic zipper bag can do the trick. If you want to store the grains for a long period of time, then try to vacuum seal them in a plastic container. It will surely keep the grains safely stored over a year, but it is better to not store milled grains for more than 6 months.

Keep the camera above eye level

If the camera angle is below the eye level, then it creates an unflattering image. It enhances your double chin and distorts natural facial features. So, keep your head high and your camera angles higher!

Keep the camera above eye level

Pour over

Pour Over coffee has a rich and robust taste that will help you kickstart your morning. It takes 5 minutes to make one cup of coffee. Follow these instructions to make your pour-over coffee.

-       Place a paper filter on your pour-over cup

-       Pour boiled water on the paper filter to remove any paper taste from it.

-       Now add 21 grams of medium-fine grind to the filter.

-       Pour hot water on the grounds and let them bloom and release their flavors.

-       Now add more water till the mug is full. 

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy greens such as kale, spinach, cabbage, and others are packed with Vitamin C which boosts collagen production. Consume the leafy green in salads, on the side at mealtimes, and in smoothies. Eating raw leafy greens is better than cooking them because they are rich in several vitamins and minerals that are best absorbed in the body when eaten raw.

Go Manual

Back in the old Fifa days, the best way to defend was to just hold down the run button and watch as the AI slowly took over and defended for you. The defending part of the game wasn't that enjoyable, so EA Sports just took that out of the game. However, in Fifa 21, it's best if the AI leaves the defending to you. Defending has definitely improved over the past few years, and even though the option for automatic defending is still there, the manual is a lot more reliable.

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