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Let the professionals handle your money

The smartest investors, especially who have just ventured into the investing world, will be better off letting professionals handle their money.

We speak, obviously, of mutual funds. Mutual funds are funds established by Asset Management Companies that appoint an investment manager with strong investment acumen to invest on your behalf.

Mutual fund schemes are available in ample options (debt, equity, arbitrage, etc.). Buy "units" of the fund, and let professionals take care of your hard-earned money for a small fee.

Stop using heat products

The main cause of frizz is a lack of moisture in the hair. Using heat products such as hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons can strip your hair of its natural oils and cause permanent damage to your hair.

Instead of using a hair dryer, try towel drying your hair or using a hair dryer that has a "cool" setting. It will take a little longer to get ready in the mornings, but it's a small price to pay for shiny, healthy hair.

Instead of heat styling tools, try using heat-free styling. Rollers can give you fabulous overnight curls without doing any damage to your hear. Plus, your hair will be ready as soon as you wake up - just take the rollers out and you're done!

Train them in Every Room of the House and Outside

Training the puppy in the kitchen every day will feel like a kitchen exercise routine to the puppy. If you are training the puppy to take commands everywhere, you have to train it everywhere. Do training sessions in every room of your house, in the lawn and when you go to a park.

Keep it short

Interviewers often start with an open-ended question, something like “tell me about yourself.” The question, although simple, can feel daunting if you’re not prepared. The answer to this question will change for different job profiles that you’re interviewing for. That is not to say you have to lie! But you’ll need to highlight the RELEVANT elements of your background for a particular job.

Keep it short

More importantly, you’ll need to keep it as concise as possible. It’s extremely helpful to prepare a pitch beforehand and prepare yourself for such commonly asked interview questions.

Under Running Water

Hold the bag containing frozen fish under a running water tap. The water should be cold enough, to keep the fish raw. Never hold the fish directly under the running tap because you may end up making a slimy mess. Keep the bag sealed tight so that the water does not enter inside. Hold the fish for 15-20 minutes under the slow running tap. When you can feel the separate pieces, the fish is thawed. If it is one big piece, switch sides under running water and let it thaw from all sides.

Ensure basic network security

The simplest way to prevent a DDoS attack is to eliminate the possibility of errors as best as you can. Strong security practices can help shield business networks against DDoS attacks. Such practices would ideally include things like anti-phishing protection, alphanumeric passwords that are regularly changed, and secure firewalls that restrict or limit external traffic. While these measures cannot stop DDoS attacks by themselves, they lay a security foundation that is essential for the prevention of such attacks. 

Ensure basic network security

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