Best Ways to Avoid baldness


Avoid brushing wet hair

Hair tends to be in the weakest state when they are wet. The chances of hair loss are increased if you brush hair while they are wet.

Well if you can't stop no matter what and just have to brush your hair while they are wet, use a comb with a wide-tooth.

Avoid brushing too frequently, even dry hair, it injures hair and increases hair loss. Use fingers to set your hair if you want them to stay on your head!

Written by Jacquelyn Lee
3 months ago

No more hot showers

While it is not clearly proven that extremely hot showers can potentially lead to hair loss, hot water can cause considerable damage to your scalp. When your scalp isn't healthy, your hair will not grow. Hot water can strip your scalp, taking away healthy oils and bacteria that the scalp needs to promote hair growth. The damage could be causing your hair to thin out prematurely.

Written by Dustin Mccoy
4 years ago

Switch out your products

If you're suffering from hair loss or baldness, it is possible that your hair products are doing more harm than good. They may contain harmful chemicals that are damaging your scalp and impeding hair growth. It could also be clogging your hair follicles and preventing new hair from being able to surface. Try using more natural products with fewer chemicals for better results. You should also avoid using too much hair gel.

Written by Lindsay Thomas
3 years ago

Regularly wash hair with a mild shampoo

Dandruff counts as one of the most common problems for hair fall. The main reason for dandruff is not keeping your scalp clean, or using a non-suitable shampoo.

Wash your hair regularly to keep your hair and scalp clean to prevent hair fall. This lowers the risk of infection and dandruff, which are the main reason for hair loss and breakage. Moreover, an impression of more volume is given by clean hair.

Written by Louis Kelley
2 months ago

Massage your scalp

If you're beginning to notice sufficient hair loss, go to the root of your problem. You should be taking care of your scalp and ensuring that it undergoes no damage. With the decrease in hot showers and harmful chemicals, your scalp should begin to get better. Another way you can help your scalp is by massaging it gently. This will promote blood flow in the scalp and hair follicles. Aside from helping with hair loss, it's also a great relaxation technique. Stress can cause hair loss too!

Written by Seth Benson
6 months ago


Everyone has their problems and reasons to take stress, but taking stress doesn't do any good. Imagine life already full of stress and boom you notice yourself going bald due to hair fall. Stress on top of stress.

The only reason is to stop taking stress. Well, I do that by taking all the life problems as a challenge and deal with them in the best way I can. Sometimes you lose, sometimes win. When you lose, take it as a lesson and learn from your mistakes so whenever you face a similar challenge ever again in your life you make sure you win it this time.

De-stress yourself and you will feel the decrease in your hair fall. De-Stress

Written by Glenda Soto
2 months ago

Keep your head sweet free

Men with oily hair tend to have more hair fall than the rest. They experience dandruff during summer, increasing the chances of hair fall. Use shampoo for oily scalp, Aloe Vera and neem containing shampoos keep the head cool and stop dandruff.

Also, men who use helmets experience more hair fall in summer. The sweat accumulates in the pores, weakening the hair roots causing hair loss. Wear a scarf or something comfortable over your hair to prevent hair loss.

Written by Enrique Hunt
4 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Avoid Baldness?

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