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Get Out of the Scene

If you are enraged because someone said something or did something to you, and you are feeling a plethora of emotions, simply take an exit. Getting out of the scene can save you from embarrassment if you tend to get violent or abusive in such situations. 

Take a deep breath and no matter how strongly you desire to defend yourself when you feel you might hurt someone-leave.

Smudged or Unprepared Products

Sounds obvious, right? Of course, your jewelry must be clean and polished. The challenge comes from the level of detail captured by a DSLR camera and the proper lighting settings. The final image is often enlarged several times the actual size of the jewel. Details invisible to the naked eye will be revealed when photographed.

Clean your jewelry every time you touch it. Wearing cotton gloves can save you time and re-shoot.


The simplest ways generally work the best. A good starting point for getting graphite off of any material or surface is by using a soft eraser. Place the eraser’s edge on the stained material and begin to rub over it gently, but be sure to not to distort the surface by applying excess pressure. When the stain disappears, get rid of the eraser’s dust and you’re set.


We are willing to have fun and engage in physical activity when we are with friends. Instead of having a boring day at home, go out with friends, and spend the day swimming or hiking. Social people feel more energetic because the mental and physical health improves when we socialize. Isolating yourself for longer can make you lazy, irritated, and tired.

If you feel low on energy during the day, get out of the house, take a friend with you, and do some fun outdoor activity. You can play golf, volleyball, cycle, or hike. You can also go grocery shopping to the nearest store on foot and chat along the way. 


Use the right shampoo and conditioner

The reason why there are so many different types of hair products out in the market is because there are a variety of hair brands that companies need to cater to. If you have fine hair, you won't use the thick and moisturizing products that curly hair need. Different hair types have different needs. Make sure that you are using the right products for your hair type. Thick, frizzy hair needs hydrating oils and serums while thin, straight hair needs lighter shampoos and products that boost volume.

Work Out

Exercise is the best way to fight muscle fatigue and tiredness that may result from staying awake for a longer period. To avoid falling asleep because of tiredness and aching body, do a 10- or 20-minute workout to physically stimulate the body. As the tiredness wears off, you will be feeling energized and ready to work faster. 

Work Out

Street Food Tasting

You haven’t eaten at every food place in your city. Even on a tight budget, you can try different street foods. Take a friend and walk to at least 3 food places. You can eat a cheeseburger, taco, ice-cream, and slush in a day. Eat small portions of everything and don’t forget to burn the calories!

Street Food Tasting

Kings Gambit

The King Gambit is played from the white side when the two paws in front of the King are moved to e4, e5, and f4. It often results in the killing of a black and white pawn or just a black pawn. The white has two major plans when playing King’s gambit, to dominate the center and capture black’s knight or bishops. But, it works only when the black accepts the gambit.

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