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PayPal has been around for a long time. It has become a popular choice for online transactions because it’s quick and easy. You can link your credit card or bank account to your PayPal account to transfer money. Now, when you’re using a credit card – you’ll pay the fees charged by your credit card issuer. However, when you’re using a bank account – you’ll incur charges levied by PayPal, and they tend to vary depending on the country you’re transferring the money to and from. So it’s good practice to quickly check which of the two (credit card vs bank) will cost you less. 

Home Office

If you are a psychologist, financial agent, or dentist, you can work from home. Many professionals set up their office at home because it helps them relax and work.

When they have appointments, they attend to the customers and patients, when they don’t have any appointments, they do their chores and watch T.V. 

Slicer Dicer

Slicer dicers have sharp blades that can dice your onions into the attached box instantly. Cut the top and bottom hairy part of the onion and get rid of its outer layer. Open the slicer dicer and place the onion inside it. Close the lid and push the onion through the blades to get them evenly diced in the box. 

The Right Temperature

To fall asleep, you need the right temperature in your room. If you are using a thermostat, set to somewhere between 15-20°C. When you are trying to sleep, check if your feet are too cold or your upper body is too warm.

If you like to sleep with a blanket or comforter, check if it is too heavy for you. A thick comforter can put unnecessary pressure on your body that might make you uncomfortable.

The Right Temperature

Using VLC Media Player

Windows, Linux and Mac allow VLC. Download and install VLC Media Player. On the home screen click 'Add' and then select the video file or files you want to compress. Then click on the ‘Covert/Save’ option to see the options. In the options select ‘Video for YouTube HD’ or ‘Video for MPEG4 1080p TV/device’ for retaining it in the highest quality. Click 'Save' to compress and save the files. 

Pay on Time

One of the fastest ways to build good credit is by paying your bills on time. Creditors like to see a solid record of liability. If you miss a payment, even just one payment, it will stay on your credit report for seven years.

Make paying bills on time your priority. Set reminders on the calendar to make payments and allow your payment time to reach your lender before the due date; it could take up to seven days. Or, if you want to save a stamp, use our online bill pay service to make and schedule payments. You can even schedule recurring payments, allowing you to "set it and forget it" so you don't miss a due date.

Increase Vitamin C intake

Vitamin C cannot prevent a cold, but it can shorten the cold’s duration. However, rather than increasing your Vitamin C intake once you have a cold, try to take the recommended dose regularly (90mg for men, 75mg for women) for best results.

Vitamin C does not cure a common cold, nothing does. But it reduces the cold’s severity. 

Donate your old car and clothes

If you’re looking to get an old car out of your garage, donating it could do the trick and also bring you the joy of giving. There are several car donation scams, but there are more ways than ever to donate your car to a good charity. Just be sure to follow the rules of the road.

You could also donate other things that you can’t find any use for – such as clothing, food, furniture, or appliances. Food pantries are always looking for donations. To find one that's close to you – check

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