Best Ways to Discover new music


Spotify or other playlists

If you already like an artist’s work, there's a good chance you’ll also like their playlist. Check out your favorite artist’s Spotify playlists.

But if for some reason you can’t get on Spotify or your favorite artist doesn’t have a Spotify playlist, head over to YouTube or SoundCloud. They’re not half as good as Spotify for music, but you’ll find at least something you like. 

Spotify or other playlists

Written by Thomas Cole
10 months ago

Ask your friends

If you already have a friend who likes the same music as you, look at what they’re listening to. If your friend has another friend whose music they like, maybe try and find out what’s on their playlist. Word of mouth is still the best way to discover really great music. 

Written by Carolina Massey
7 months ago

Check out the new releases

If you’re looking to add new music to your playlist, check out the music being released each week. This is a great way to keep up with your favorite artists and discover new ones along the way. It also keeps you up to date with the trends of the music industry. Streaming platforms, like Spotify, usually have a section specifically for new releases that gets updated regularly. You can start your search for new music there.

Written by Earl Alvarez
2 years ago

Ask your friends for recommendations

Some of my favorite songs and albums of all time have come from recommendations from friends and family. That’s one of the greatest joys of music: being able to share it with other people and seeing how they react to it. It’s also one of the reasons why my music taste is so eclectic and scattered. I have a love of rock music fostered by my best friend, multiple Paramore albums that date back to my middle school years, and R&B and Rap music that I’m just starting to get into.

Written by Elaine Chambers
9 months ago

Research your favorite artists

One of the main ways to find music that you’re sure to love is to look through your favorite artists’ older work. Many of us are guilty of only listening to the tracks that make it to the charts and play on the radio. However, I’ve found myself really falling in love with an artist’s work when I really delve deeper into the other albums in their catalog. For example, we may all know John Legend for his smash hit “All of Me.” If you like that song, you may really like other hits from his 2013 album, “Love In The Future” and his most recent album, “Bigger Love.”

Written by Ollie Montgomery
4 months ago

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