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Try and Try again

For that you will have to first quit giving up, consistency is the key.

Most smokers (including me) try several times before actually giving them up for good. If you ever light up, don’t be discouraged. Instead, think about what caused you to relapse. Keep in mind the emotions and the settings you were in that made you relapse.

See them as an opportunity to step up your commitment to quitting.

Think about color

The best thing about food photography is that it allows you to play with color. Colors have a huge impact on your composition and they can affect the overall feel of the image.

Think about color


Everyone has their problems and reasons to take stress, but taking stress doesn't do any good. Imagine life already full of stress and boom you notice yourself going bald due to hair fall. Stress on top of stress.

The only reason is to stop taking stress. Well, I do that by taking all the life problems as a challenge and deal with them in the best way I can. Sometimes you lose, sometimes win. When you lose, take it as a lesson and learn from your mistakes so whenever you face a similar challenge ever again in your life you make sure you win it this time.

De-stress yourself and you will feel the decrease in your hair fall. De-Stress

No cheesy lines please

If you think cheesy lines make women think you’re clever – you couldn’t be more wrong! Instead, she’ll just think you have no game. Pick-up lines are such a drag and unoriginal. It also leaves a girl confused because she doesn’t know how to react when a new guy who she has just met asks if she has “fallen from heaven.”

If you really want to be smooth, be original and sincere. Tell her something she can respond to without being confused or feeling awkward – like a genuine compliment. 

Start a Business

This probably requires more effort than what most people are looking to put in. But, if you want to get rich, it's not really going to be an overnight thing. This is great for people that have a knack for business and have the money to play around with to invest in a company. It'll be really difficult at the beginning with almost no pay-out in return for your investment. But, if you can get your company up and running, it could set you up for a lifetime.

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