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Understand your requirements

The first step is to figure out what you're trying to do with your bug. Do you just want a simple audio bug? Do you need a video feed as well? Do you just need to locate the car with GPS? Once you have this in mind, you can start to get a better picture of where the bug will be placed. For instance, a GSM-001 is a pretty common audio bug that can be placed under dashboards or practically anywhere with a 12V power supply.

Project confidence

Bullies feel less powerful when you don’t cower. They begin to doubt they deserve your respect. In fact, they will admire your confidence. So, when a bully does their thing, don’t hit them back with the same attitude. Instead, win them over with a courteous, strong, firm demeanor. 

Include your contact information

When you're writing professional emails to colleagues, you want to make sure you include your contact information. This gives the receiver of your email all the information they need to get back to you if they need it. Keep it simple and concise: add your name, your position and a relevant link or phone number. This is not the place to promote your projects or add a ton of detail. Keep it clean.

Take a break and move around

Falling asleep trying to finish that assignment? Or maybe you have a work deadline that you can’t miss? You may think the best thing to do is to stay put and muscle through it as you cry over your keyboard. In reality, sleepiness is a sign that your body needs a change of pace. It’s been stuck in one position for too long. Getting up to stretch and move around will help clear any sleepiness. You will feel refreshed once you sit back down to get back to work.

Avoid hot showers and change your hair products

Hot showers cause severe damage to the scalp. They strip out all the essential oils that are necessary to protect your scalp and accelerate your hair growth. This causes inflammation and dryness which ultimately leads to hair loss.

Moreover, paraben shampoos, styling products, and gels contribute to hair loss as well. The chemicals present in these products stay on the scalp and get trapped on the follicles. This prevents the hair from growing. Try using natural styling gels and paraben-free shampoos. 


Different crops such as corn, turnips, peas, clover, milo, and alfalfa are a good source of protein and fiber for deer. Deer tend to go to places where they can find them and lure the deer, you can either hunt in the area that already has one of these varieties or use these as bait to lure the deer at your hunting spot. You can plant these in your hunting zone to lure more deer.


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