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Listen to Others

We live in a world where everyone is obsessed with themselves and rarely care about what the other has to say. To improve ourselves, we need to see what we can improve by learning it from others. Listen to what others have to say. Take their opinion, it can be good and bad, in both cases, it is worth knowing.

Lend your ear to someone who wants to talk about something and stay interested in the conversation. People around us experience a lot in their personal life that we don’t. Listening to their story, ideas and thoughts can give you a better perspective that will help you shape your personality.


Exfoliation is about shedding the old skin cells so that the layer beneath is exposed. Exfoliation occurs naturally so it is natural and a great way to whiten skin. If you want quick results, you might have to go a little too far with exfoliation.

Use an exfoliating face or body wash or wear an exfoliating cream. If you have sensitive skin that can get irritated very soon, be gentle when exfoliating your skin and exfoliate twice a week.


Set Reminders

If you've been slouching for quite some time, it comes naturally to you. The moment you relax, you let your guard down, and you start slouching. Most smartphones are outfitted with a reminders feature nowadays, so try setting up a reminder for yourself to straighten your back.

Giving yourself reminders may seem silly at first, but those little reminders will add up and soon you'll be standing up straight without even thinking about it at all.

Start with the basics

If this is your first time baking a cake, you'll want to start with the very basics. You'll need four things: cake, frosting, parchment paper, and a dull knife with a straight, non-serrated edge. Optionally, you can add decorations such as sprinkles, candles, fresh fruit, edible flowers, or whatever you'd like to top your cake with.

Lay your cake on a platter or other flat surface and ensure that it is completely cool. If you want to make a multi-layer cake, spread a thick, even layer of frosting along the top of your cake and place another cake round of the same size on top. Press gently. Repeat with as many layers as you'd like, keeping in mind that the more layers you add, the less stable your cake will be.

Place small bits of parchment around the base of the cake, going in between the platter and the cake. This will keep your platter clean while you decorate.

Start placing generous amounts of frosting on the top of your cake. Using your knife, gently coerce the frosting to coat the top of the cake, and slowly moving onto the sides. Run your knife vertically along the sides of the cake to spread the frosting and smooth the edges. Smooth the top and shape to your liking until the cake is completely coated.

Now that your cake is frosted, you can start having fun with decorating. Add sprinkles, candles, or fruit in any way that you like. Scrape frosting from the edges of the cake for a "naked" look. Arrange fruit decoratively on the top. Press edible flowers along the sides. It's all up to you.

Start with the basics

Wear light layers

Before hopping onto your bike for your winter ride, you want to make sure you're going to keep your core warm. Wearing light layers of clothing will make it easy for your to take some off once you get warm during your bike ride. It also ensures you keep warm during colder weather. However, be careful that you don't put on too many clothes for your ride. This will impede your ability to ride and become a nuisance. You should still feel the chill when you're first starting your bike ride.

Cut Avocadoes and Refrigerate

It seems almost impossible to keep the avocadoes from turning brown. Well, when the avocadoes are exposed to air, just like apples, they turn brown in minutes. But, when you want to cut and store avocadoes, there are ways to get the job done.

When you are preparing food, for an extravagant dinner, you might have to wait till the last minute to add avocadoes, but there is a secret way to keep the avocadoes fresh for as long as 4 hours.

The secret is to boil an uncut avocado for a few seconds. Put the avocado directly into boiling water for 10 seconds. Remove it and then put it directly in a bowl filled with ice and water. When it is completely cooled, remove and cut. Make your favorite dish or a salad and let it rest in the fridge. It should not go brown for at least 4 hours!

Cut Avocadoes and Refrigerate

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